Journal Entry #3 Culture of my Workplace


At THE POINT, the attire is formal. I asked about it in the orientation and the answer was “Just casual.” Also, a shirt and sweater with the company logo are provided. For my work, I dress casual, I wear the company shirt with black shoes. The workplace is open offices next to each other and a big table in the middle for groups reunion.




A workday feels like a family time like many has said “THE POINT Family”. Everyone is really nice and very talkative to each other. Everyone is near to each other, helping each other with anything. During lunchtime, everyone takes a seat at The Point Café and Bascom Catering which always is an inviting lunch experience. The majority of the workers take lunch at the same time but on some days depending on the task everyone just buys their food and eat in their office at 1 pm.


passionEveryone at THE POINT has a good cultural fit. I really enjoy working with a diverse group and what I love the most is each person’s personality. They are all fun in their own way and everyone can be identified by something in their way of being that makes them unique. For example, when there is a deep silence at work and suddenly you hear a strange noise we all say: “That’s Moses.” Also when we hear the repetitive phrase “I can do nothing” of Dania. Everyone brings something to the table from their roots that make the workplace essential. I am an early bird person and wherever I go I enjoy diversity. There is always love, fun, and new things to learn and share in the melting pot. There is a big banner at THE POINT that says: “Share Your Passion” that I can say is a proof of a cool cultural workplace.