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Alex Chang

My major is mechanical engineering and finding classes every semester is fairly difficult. Last semester i asked the department councilor how it was nearly impossible to add a required class and it simply came down to how the engineering major is overpopulated and if you aren’t applying to classes the day it opens you probably wont have many choices. However, the classes i have been able to get into have been fun and i enjoy using the machines and programs provided in class, specifically programs like Autocad. My goal is to work in the automotive community or work for Lexus. The only experience i have of hospitality management was in freshman year when a peer presented a speech about her experience in working at a high end restaurant and how it was her job to read their emotions and atmosphere which would influence her actions i.e., if a couple is on a date and they seem to be enjoying themselves, she might offer desert or wine to prolong their stay, but if they are in a rush or maybe the date went wrong, she would ask if they wanted the check instead. I chose this class as an elective and i don’t really have any idea of what hospitality management is but, i hope i catch on quick and learn a lot. 

Verenice Reyes

When I graduate high school, I decided to become a social worker because I thought that it was something I want to do this. Once I enter college and had my classes, I noticed it was something I didn’t see myself doing. I was doing a career that my parents and family members wanted me to become and not doing a career that I want to do. I always had a passion of cooking and baking especially baking. My mom decided to put me in a baking class around November but wanted me to have baking as a hobby. She didn’t noticed that it was only helping me notice that being a social worker is not for me and that baking is what I wanted to do. I found out that this college has hospitality management and can help me become a pastry chef. I didn’t think twice about changing my major and finally doing a career I would enjoy doing. My mom was upset but now she more encouraging and glad to see me doing something I want to do. My mom noticed that I can’t do a career she want me to do but a career I want to do. So I say to do what you want to do and don’t let other opinions change your choices. The people around you will noticed what you love and will accept your decision.

Edgar Macagba

Hospitality management was not the first major I intended to pursue in college. I really love Math and analytical thinking that is why I chose to spend the first year of my college studying Civil Engineering. However, in order to pay for my tuition and provide basic needs for myself I worked in a restaurant and started as a dishwasher and eventually moved up on becoming an assistant manager. It was tough to play a huge role in the restaurant and I loved the atmosphere that restaurant jobs gave me.  So I decided to leave Civil Engineering aside and pursue hospitality management in order to gain more knowledge. I know that with my outgoing personality and good work ethic, after finishing Hospitality Management, I will be a very successful Restaurant Manager or hopefully be placed in a bigger role in this field.

AnneJuneka Etizard

Finding a career that I think would make me  happy, emotionally and financially was not easy. Hospitality management was something I discovered after realizing I wanted to be a flight attendant. When I started my first semester at City Tech in this major, I didn’t know what to expect and what would become of it but. The people I’ve encountered so far have told me what to expect and the steps I need to take in order to succeed. Throughout this journey, I hope to achieve many things by firstly earning my bachelors degree.
Helping others has always been something that interests me. Over the last few years, I’ve had the opportunity to work in the hospitality field and discovered some of my many strengths. I found myself to be patient, attentive, focused and able to adapt to my surroundings. I believe that in order for a business to work, the customers have to be satisfied, and it all starts with the way We in the hospitality industry treat others. I would like to use the opportunity I have now to continue to grow, strive to do my best and conquer any/ every obstacle that may come my way.

Deborah Olumide

When I was a little kid I used to joke about traveling the world, visiting new places, tasting every country’s food and of course taking a whole bunch of pictures. I had a neighbor who travelled to Paris with her son, everyday i’d go over to their house just so I could hear stories about Paris, the kinds of food and all the places they visited. Then I’d go to my room and dream about it ‘ONE DAY I’LL GO TO PARIS’ I said to myself.

After my high school I moved here with my mum and brother. It was beautiful. The whole Africa to America was amazing! The plane adventure and our stop at Casablanca too. Then we arrived, a whole different weather, food, culture and people too. It was the best feeling ever.

Then and there I knew, I just gotta do this, I mean what else am I gonna do? I have to travel to different countries and have as much impact on people as hospitality has had on me. This world is beautiful and I want to see and appreciate every bit of it

Zhuopeng Tan

As we all know, in our 20s is the most confusing time in our life, because we have to face the choices of future career. In most families, parents have high expectations for their children’s future careers. They prefer their children to be lawyers, doctors, office workers, etc. I’m glad that my parents didn’t put pressure on me when I made my decision but supported me in everything I did. My goal is to graduate and improve my cooking skill and learn more about hospitality management. Being a chef or serving in a hotel is my career goal. that’s why I finally choose hospitality management as my major. I hope this a right decision for me. Life is experience, simple, I love to eat, and I love to cook for myself and my family. I wish I could see a happy smile on their faces because when people feel happy, I feel happy. I hope I’ve made the right decision and won’t disappoint my parents. keeping a passion for learning hospitality is my strength, the more knowledge I learn, the more opportunities I will have for my future life.

Kevin Paguay

When I was a child at the age of five, I ate so much culture foods like Korea, Italy, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, and Ecuadorian. I wasn’t able to control myself my eating all of those delicious food, but I was able to after years of growing up. Those time I ate a lot of food, made me realize that I should be a chef, cooking the most extraordinary dishes, so that people can eat the most mouthwatering food ever cooked. That is why I attend the New York City College of Technology, because they have a major called “Hospitality Management”, where people can learn how to manage their own restaurant, know different wines that you’ll be using in your dish, master the skills of a master chef,…etc. During my time in college, I will be learning to how improve my cooking skills has a master chef, how to manage a restaurant, and communicate with other people because during the cooking business, you must connect with your partner in order to cook a delicious. I will be looking forward to get my associate degrees in cooking and make my dream into a reality.

Ashley Gulliver

I am currently within my third semester at City Tech and my first in Hospitality Management. My college experience has been a long journey of switching from major to major. I eventually acquired so many credits from different courses at York college that I was able to declare an Associates in Liberal Arts. Working in a restaurant for a few years has exposed me to different skills and knowledge in which I knew I fit into well. I always loved cooking and one day dreamed of opening a few businesses/restaurants. I didn’t want to be a chef which is why I tried other degrees. However, after researching I realized there were many different routes I can go about. The hospitality management route is perfect because of where it will take me and there are so many different strands within that interest me and I’m excited to start this journey.

JinFeng Lin

When I graduated from high school I have no idea what career I wanted. So I chose a random major, construction management. But after three months of studying construction management, I don’t think this is my feature career. So I talk to some of my friends and hope to get some advice from them. They told me about jobs in the hotel and I decided to switch to hospitality management. I used to work as a waiter in a restaurant and I like to see the guests have a satisfied face because of our food and our customer service. I’m sure about my career goal is yet, I hope Hospitality management is my future career so I don’t have to change it again.