36 Hours- Ecoturims

Most of the people when listen NY, the first place that came to their mind is Manhattan. However, Brooklyn has many to offer to the eco tourists because Brooklyn has many beautiful green areas, eco restaurants, hotels and also museums.

Brooklyn Bridge by Wilmer Chavez

By Wilmer Chavez

Monday 6,2019

1)  3:00 pm Joy, Fun, and Learning (New York City Aquarium)

Discover a new world under the water in the New York City Aquarium, where you can many marine animals. The ticket price of this fabulous place to adults is $24.95 and children $19.95. Consequently, you can have access to the aquarium, watch a show in the aquatheater and watch a short movie in the 4-D theater and to all the aquarium exhibitions. 

2)   7:00 pm Beach and Sand

In the southwestern of the Borough of Brooklyn, we can find Coney Island Beach. This beach the ocean part of the neighborhood that live mostly Russians. In this beach people can do many activities in courts for beach volleyball, handball, basketball, playgrounds, boardwalks, amusement parks, and swimming. Also, there are an avenue full of fast food restaurants and in the other side you could enjoy the amusement park named: Luna Park With many Mechanic Games.


Tuesday May 7, 2019

3) 9:00 am Colorful life, Beauty and Joyness

One century ago, when an area was in developed into cityscapes and paved roads, it was a great idea create a public park to maintain some green area. This was the beginning of one of the most beautiful gardens in Brooklyn, which is Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Now , This counts with many gardens and conservatories such as: Cherry Esplanade, Children’s Garden, Fragrance Garden, Osborn Garden and so on. The entrance price is adults $15 dollars and children under 12 is free.

4)  1:00 pm Innovation, Unique, Funny

Butter & Scotch is located in the 818 Franklin avenue in Brooklyn. This is an amazing new concept of bakery because it is a bakery bar. Furthermore, you can find extremely delicious pastries, and some alcoholic drink. Wine Rose 11/50, Cocktails ($15), Key Lime Pie ($42).

5)  4:00 pm Unusual Experience

Green-Wood Cemetery is located in Brooklyn. This Cemetery was founded in 1838 and now is an historic landmark. This cemetery has gained an international reputation for its magnificent beauty. Green-Wood has 478 spectacular acres of hills, valleys, glacial pond, and path. This cemetery offers historic trolley tours that you can enjoy for $20 dollars. They also have many events such as: death café, moon tour, birding in peace, eternal menagerie and so on.


6)  9:00 pm Music, Fun and Dance

TBA Brooklyn is located at 395 Wythe ave in the shadow of the Williamsburg Bridge. This bar has an amazing white oak handcrafted bar of 23 ft. Besides, this bar has many recycled decoration as a curtain of old music cassettes. This is an electronic bar founded by veterans. The admission fee can be from free to $30, Baked empanadas ($4), and cocktails ($12)

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

7)  10:00 am Deliciousness and Delight.

Brooklyn Whiskers is a vegan bakery. their decoration inside their installations is made with recyclables products. This bakery offers pastries based plants and customs creations. Furthermore, after of buy your meal you can enjoy in the in front yard the cars passing and the blossom tree. tofu scramble with potato ($10), and fresh juice ($5).


8)  1:00 pm Food, Drinks and Knowledge

The Museum of Food and Drink is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This museum brings the food and beverages to life and you can taste, smell and touch. Consequently, they have a curtain in the entrance made with recycled boxes where commonly Chinese fast food restaurants sell rice. The ticket price is to adults $14 and youth (6-17) $7 Dollars each.


9)  6:00 pm Beer Karma

Beer Karma is Located in the Northside of Brooklyn. This is a bottle shop with the mission of educate their consumers about craft beers and provide them the opportunity to drink the best beers even if these are difficult to find. In this place you can get beers from the U.S and around the world.

10)  8:30 pm Llama Inn

Llama Inn is a Peruvian restaurant. Furthermore, this is a top New York restaurant by the New York Times 2016 and it have gained the Michelin Bib Gourmand. This Restaurant has an eco friendly concept in its decoration. A dish of beef cheek, tacu tacu, seco, and salsa criolla ($25) and a Plantation Pineapple (Rum $13).


The POD Brooklyn is an Hotel, which is located in 247 Metropolitan avenue, Brooklyn. This Hotel is an eco friendly hotel because they have many green areas and also include nature in their decoration. Besides, This hotel is innovating by their rooms are designed in a way of maximize space and minimize waste. Night ($123).



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