Brooklyn Bridge Park, March 26


PDF of waterfront learning s19 student handout

Tourism on the Brooklyn Waterfront
Active participation contributes to class participation grade

Areas of Tourism and Student Grouping
1. Historic Tourism: Mariano, Jin, Sihan
2. Sustainable Wilmer, William, James:
3. Food and Drink Tourism: Edgar, Jorge, Deborah, Shianne
4. Fashion Tourism: Ali, Ashley, Tenzing
5. Sports Tourism: Jonathan, Peng, Verenice
6. Heritage Tourism: Anne, Tina, Blessings
7. Cultural Tourism (choose an art form): Sharnae, Laura

Engage in a site visit of the Brooklyn Bridge Park and lead discussion a discussion about tourism on the Brooklyn Waterfront as it pertains to your area of tourism (see above).

Multi Step Assignment Format: Prior to class meeting
• Consider your area of tourism (see above)
• Identify an activity a person(s) traveling to satisfy your area of tourism would like to participate in while touring the Brooklyn Waterfront
o Note: Our site visit is to the Brooklyn Bridge Park but the activity you choose can be any place on the Brooklyn waterfront
• Prepare a three minute presentation explaining:
o The activity you have identified
o Why it is unique
o How it relates to your area of tourism

Multi Step Assignment Format: Day of class
• Small group presentations about the waterfront activity identified (see above)
• Small group discussion by area of tourism about how the Brooklyn Bridge Parks affects and is affected by tourism

Multi Step Assignment Format: After class
• Create one post per group to the HMGT1101 OpenLab site before April 1 to include:
o Area of tourism for your group including a definition of your area of tourism
o Names of people in your group
o Observations of your type of tourism at the Brooklyn Bridge Park and in DUMBO
o List the activities presented during the small group presentations

Student Learning Outcomes
• Discuss scope of the hospitality and tourism industry
• Gather information from observation in regard to the hospitality industry from a local, national and global perspective
• Evaluate and apply information discerningly from a variety of sources

Class site visit schedule

8:40– The Corners of Old Fulton and Water Street, Brooklyn, New York 11201 the Brooklyn Heights location of Barge Music at the Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 1.

8:45– Discussion of NY Times 36 Hours… Article

8:55– Student lead discussions begin

9:40– walk through park in tourism focus teams (culinary, historic, culture)

10:00– Meet in front of Jane’s Carousel

10:30– Class Dismissed

Option: 10:45– Brooklyn Roasting Company

Important locations on our site visit:

Barge Music

Pier 1 Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Roasting Company

Jane’s Carousel