Kevin Paguay

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When I was a child at the age of five, I ate so much culture foods like Korea, Italy, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, and Ecuadorian. I wasn’t able to control myself my eating all of those delicious food, but I was able to after years of growing up. Those time I ate a lot of food, made me realize that I should be a chef, cooking the most extraordinary dishes, so that people can eat the most mouthwatering food ever cooked. That is why I attend the New York City College of Technology, because they have a major called “Hospitality Management”, where people can learn how to manage their own restaurant, know different wines that you’ll be using in your dish, master the skills of a master chef,…etc. During my time in college, I will be learning to how improve my cooking skills has a master chef, how to manage a restaurant, and communicate with other people because during the cooking business, you must connect with your partner in order to cook a delicious. I will be looking forward to get my associate degrees in cooking and make my dream into a reality.

3 thoughts on “Kevin Paguay

  1. Jorge

    Hey, I feel the same when it comes to food, food brings people together and theirs so many ingredients to try and experiment into new dishes

  2. ZhuoPeng Tan

    I have same experience as you, I am doing Hospitality because of eating as well. when I was a child, I ate so much from my grandma’s cooking, even though that are not the best dishes for everyone, but for me, is the best food I had ever eat. Hopefully, you will become a master chef in one day and cook some delicious food for people.


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