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36 hours in Brooklyn

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36 hours in Brooklyn


By Kevin Paguay


Brooklyn, one of the five boroughs of New York has many great places to visit and great places to eat too.



1) 1 p.m. Ramen


If you like ramen, then there is only one place I insist you to go and you might come again to eat more. This place is called “Ichiran,” where the theme is full on Japanese so you can feel like your eating ramen in Japan. It located in 374 Johnson Ave, not far from the L train. The menu was quite interesting, just a piece a paper where you fill out what food you like to have, and how you like your ramen to be cook. Try out there classic Tonkotsu Ramen with a little of their original spicy red sauce ($18.90), with a side order of slice marinated pork loin ($9.90), and drink with hot or cold matcha tea ($3.90). And a great way to eat your meal is by sitting in your own booth, where no one can disrupt you from your eating.  


2) 3 p.m. Navy Yard


Take your time off from the present and start taking a walking path towards the past where you can learn what happen in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The Brooklyn Navy Yard is located in 141 Flushing Avenue Unit 801, where it is known to built and repair battleships and aircraft carriers for American soldiers to sail and fly for the battle of World War 2. If that doesn’t surprise you, it is also known where womens took jobs there as mechanics when the men went to war. If you want to take a path to the past, then is time to take a tour where adults ($30), seniors (ages 65+, $27), children ($15), and military veterans or active-duty service members ($22.50) can walk around the yard and see how it was during the World War 2.

By Kevin Paguay (Ichirans pay counter/gift shop)


3) 5:30 P.M. the power the sweetness


You had a long day and you feel like your craving for some sweet. Just close to the L train of  Morgan Ave, the FINE & RAW Chocolate Factory is a great places to get some sweets, made with raw food ingredients. The sales of there chocolate bars ($5), a block of chocolate ($20), 4-24 pieces of truffle set ($15-$80), and the deluxe/gift package ($40-$220) look super delicious and super a lot to pay.


4) 11 A.M. The smell of flowers


When you start your day with a clear sunny day, you feel like walking and go smell the flowers. Head on over to 990 Washington Ave, where is northeast of Prospect park and close to Grand Army Plaza. This place is known as the Brooklyn Botanic Garden where people can feel relax and claim and a lot of wedding events takes place there because of beautyness the garden had to offer. Other parts of the garden like the palm house, which help to relieve the stress of the city behind and the atrium is a great space to hold a luxurious setting event. For entrance, adults ($15), Seniors (65+, $8), students (12+ with ID, $8), and kids (12 or below, free) have to pay in order to enter the magnificent place.


5) 4 P.M. Spooky time


If you want to go somewhere scary and had a spooky time, come to the Green-Wood cemetery where you’ll have a scary adventure. It locate in 500 25th St, where it’s close to the D train 25 St station. The cemetery is known for it many events taken place like the Historic Trolley tour, where tourist ride to trolley train for just $20 and ride around the cemetery discussing about to history to the place. Also on Halloween night, take a night tour while holding a lighted candle while musicians, performance artist, and storytellers that can creep you out.



6) 12:30 P.M. Cheese


If your hungry for cheese, then try out the Cheeseboat which serves at a Georgian restaurant in 80 Berry St, close to the G train. Cheeseboat is a georgian-style cheese stuffed bread, which top it up with a egg ($16-$25)


7) 4:30 P.M. Food Knowledge


Instead of eating food, why not try to know knowledge of food and drink. Head to the Museum of Food and Drink (MOFAD) Lab, located in 62 Bayard St, close to G train Nassau Ave. This museum allow its guest to taste, smell, and touch foods. It also give events like CHOW, which celebrates of how chinese cuisines can make an impact to the United States. Admission to enter for adult is $14.00, reduced (students, seniors, military personal, disabled, low-income) $10.00, youth (6-17 years age) $7.00, and children (5 and under) free.   




If you are suggesting to come to Brooklyn, NY book a room in Pod Brooklyn Hotel. It’s locate in 247 Metropolitan Ave, very close to the subway station and the Music Hall of Williamsburg. The rooms are from 110-300 square feet with private bathroom with rain shower head, wireless internet, flat-screen, and make free local calls. For a queen pod room for just $289.75 is a great price to stay for days.    



Hotel Site Visit

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The NoMo SoHo hotel was a great place to visit and stay for the night. What I found most significant I learned at the hotel was that it is a 4-star hotel, with a lot of rooms and different types of suites. For example, at the top of the hotel building, their is a penthouse suite with a balcony you see the entire city, in every direction; north, south, west and east and a great view in the bathroom too. If I would take action to network with the people I met, I would tag them in my social media account. During the visit, I like how the hotel was design to make it look beautiful. For instance, the rooms and the hallways was design base on the “Beauty and The Beast,” where the walls painted blue, a huge mirror next to the elevator, and how wall lamps were installed in the hallways to give that movie experience. At the site visit, their was one aspect that made me want to work in the lodging industry, is to communicate with many people from different country, so I can increase my knowledge. After what I experience at the site visit, I feel not prepared because what if the person speak to me from a language I can not understand. This was my first time visiting luxury hotel like the NoMo SoHo and I felt very excited to experience what the hotel has to offer. I looked forward to visit the place again and book a room their, probably the penthouse suite.

Kevin Paguay

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When I was a child at the age of five, I ate so much culture foods like Korea, Italy, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, and Ecuadorian. I wasn’t able to control myself my eating all of those delicious food, but I was able to after years of growing up. Those time I ate a lot of food, made me realize that I should be a chef, cooking the most extraordinary dishes, so that people can eat the most mouthwatering food ever cooked. That is why I attend the New York City College of Technology, because they have a major called “Hospitality Management”, where people can learn how to manage their own restaurant, know different wines that you’ll be using in your dish, master the skills of a master chef,…etc. During my time in college, I will be learning to how improve my cooking skills has a master chef, how to manage a restaurant, and communicate with other people because during the cooking business, you must connect with your partner in order to cook a delicious. I will be looking forward to get my associate degrees in cooking and make my dream into a reality.