36 Hours in Brooklyn

New York City is a melting pot of different cultures, and that is apparent in the Brooklyn borough. Every nook and cranny is overflowing with representation of the different cultures who live here. And all of these people who come from diverse backgrounds help shape the culture of Brooklyn itself. With a huge variety of mass transportation getting out and seeing it for yourself will be a breeze. Not a fan of going underground? Instead of a train you can use a City Bike, impatient? Take an Uber or a Lyft for fast travel. While your out be sure to check the weather forecast , like New York the weather changes constantly.

Continental Army Plaza: 10 am

Start off your day will a relaxing stroll through the park. The Continental Army Plaza is a great place for socializing with locals and unwinding. Its is also a place that reminds those who visit the history and culture of the American nation. One of the park’s most defining features is its statue of President George Washington in the center of the plaza. It reminds visitors of how the country came to be and the fighting spirit America is known for.

Pies ‘n’ Thighs: 12 am

For lunch, stop buy Pies ‘n’ Thighs for a bite. Serving up comfort food inspired by classic american dishes, Mexican and Californian cuisine. Awarded best donuts in New York by New York magazine, Best Apple Pie and Best Fried Chicken in national surveys by Food & Wine and Bon AppĂ©tit. This restaurant has even been in the New York times! Truly this is a restaurant worth visiting. Main dishes will cost from as low as $4.50 to $16USD.

Brooklyn museum: 2:30 pm

The Brooklyn museum is a place dedicated to sharing ideas and experiencing different cultures through art. At this museum, visitors will find art from diverse cultures. Such art from the Islamic world, Asia, the pacific islands and contemporary art. This museum has been featured in many articles from a variety of publications such as the new York times, Apollo magazine and vanity fair. At this museum, visitors will find art from diverse cultures. An Adult ticket is $16 USD.

YUJI Ramen: 7 pm

Make YUJI Ramen a stop on your list of places to go. It started off as an effort to trying to introduce new styles of Japanese ramen to america. And due to the owners background in seafood supply and the food industry, visitors can enjoy new Japanese styles of ramen. As the seasonality of certain produce change so will the menu, leaving the customer always satisfied and never bored. But as there is no certain menu there is no certain price, but general the main dishes are $17 to $24 USD.

Egg: 11 am

Have a late breakfast here at Egg. Egg is a restaurant determined not only to serve wonderful food, but to do good outside of the kitchen as well. Taking care of their employees, supporting farmers and purveyors who work to improve the planet and getting sustainable food out to the public is just some of the ways they do that. Main dishes from their breakfast menu will cost $10 to $15 USD.

Luna Park /Cyclone Roller Coaster: 1:30 pm

A staple in Brooklyn, Luna Park is a place jam packed with fun. But even this amusement park is steeped in culture, due to the long standing Cyclone Roller Coaster. Opening in 1972, this wooden roller coaster was originally apart of Astro land theme park. This roller coaster has stood the test of time, creating happy memories for the young and old alike. An any date Luna Pass starts from $40 USD and a selected date Luna Pass starts from $29USD, you can also pay for a ticket for each individual ride/game.

Lantern: 4 pm

Come on in, stay awhile at the Lantern in Brooklyn heights. A Thai restaurant that claims to take all the good of the food industry and makes it better after 20 years of experience. The restaurant intends to be a comfortable, fresh, creative and affordable restaurant. Main dishes from their dine in menu cost between $12-$29USD.

Metropolitan Bar: 6:45 pm

One of Brooklyn’s original gay bars, Metropolitan Bar is a place to party an socialize. Dancing, music covers and the occasional drag show, what more could you want? This bar is always doing events so there never a dull moment. Happy hours is from 3 pm to 8 pm drink price ranges from $3 to $7.


MOFAD: 12 pm
Museum of Food and Drink, or MOFAD for short is a museum that believes food is culture. The people of MOFAD try to inspire public curiosity in food. By not only engaging their sense of taste but smell and touch as well. It’s a small experimental museum in Williamsburg where right now they have a showing of Chow:Making the Chinese American Restaurant and they have a second part to the exhibit. If the visitor buys the special admission Chow Down Ticket, after observing the rest of the exhibit. Visitors have the opportunity to have a small meal with tea inside the museum. General admission is $14 USD for an Adult, $25USD for the special admission ticket.

UnderHill Brooklyn: 1:45 pm
At this family owned establishment, UnderHill is dishing out great Greek meals. The food is a work of art and there is so much variety. From your standard Falafel to Ribeye and even a custom pizza. They also do catering for all your special events. Main dishes range from $14 to $28USD.

Brooklyn Botanical gardens: 3:30 pm

Bet you didn’t know there was a botanical gardens in Brooklyn, but there is! In this concrete jungle we call new York it can be hard to slow down and smell the roses. But with the Brooklyn Botanical Garden it becomes easier. One of the main missions of botanical garden is to help people connect to the world of plants, inspire curiosity and appreciation. Admission for an Adult is $15USD.

Sunday in Brooklyn 6 pm

Step into Sunday in Brooklyn a restaurant that cares about what and who they serve. The owner remembers when Sunday was a day for discovering new things in his neighborhood of Brooklyn, and thus wants to share that feeling with his customers through the atmosphere and the food. This restaurant boasts accommodations for all times of the year, and that they source their meat responsibly. At this restaurant you’re sure to find good food, a good time and a warm welcome. dishes range from $19 to $49 USD

Hotel – Pod Brooklyn

Pod Brooklyn is a modern place for the modern person. No unnecessary extravagant furniture and no over priced mini bar. This hotel is for those who like a stylish but functional space. The rooms at the pod are relatively small and therefore the rooms are more affordable to book. But it’s not a one size fits all, the Pod Brooklyn has different types of rooms for all your needs. A larger room for families, smaller rooms for singles and a rooms designed for better accessibility. Pod Brooklyn’s average rate fluctuates around $123USD.



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