Industry Research Report

Updated September 5, 2018, the pdf of the assignment is found here: industry research assignment f18

Step one
Due Week Three (Information Literacy Session)
Task (one)

Identify three organizations you would like to work for.
Make a list of the companies.
What are three attributes of the company that make you anticipate the company as an organization you would like to work for.
What supporting information can you provide to support your choices?

Step two
10% of total grade
Due week 4
Task (two)

Research and write about trends in the hospitality industry. Reflect on what skills you will develop to become a leader in your chosen industry.

• Identification of trends in a chosen sector of hospitality
o Lodging, Food, Beverage, Restaurants, Tourism, Cruise lines, Transportation, Casinos
o Consider: Leading companies, leading professionals, new technologies, guest demands, amenities, unique features…
• Utilize at least four (4) reliable/academic sources to help identify trends
o Include two sources from trade publications
o Include two sources from academic journals
• Reflect on the skills and traits you will need to develop to become a leader in your chosen industry
o What skills and traits do you currently have?
o How will improve or change your skills and traits?
o What do you need to learn about?
• Write a report about the trends you identified and your personal reflection of your skills and traits
o Include industry terminology
o Minimum of ~350 words, ~375 words preferred (about two thirds of the report should be about trends and 1 third about your own personal reflection.
• Format: APA Standards
o Title page, page numbers, spacing, font and reference page
o At least four in-text citations
• Visit the writing tutors
o Submit the rough draft that was reviewed by a writing tutor, to the back of the final submission.
• Proofread and free of typos and grammatical errors

Criteria for Assessment See information literacy rubrics:  To be added

Student Learning Outcomes Upon completion of this assignment, students will be able to:
• Discuss the scope of the hospitality industry through written communication
• Gather information from observation in regard to the hospitality industries from a local, national and international perspective and his/her role within the industry
• Understand and discuss the roles and responsibilities of key executives and department heads in the hospitality and tourism industries and their impact on trends in the industry
• Describe key management functions using professional terms and communication standards

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