Ashley Gulliver

I am currently within my third semester at City Tech and my first in Hospitality Management. My college experience has been a long journey of switching from major to major. I eventually acquired so many credits from different courses at York college that I was able to declare an Associates in Liberal Arts. Working in a restaurant for a few years has exposed me to different skills and knowledge in which I knew I fit into well. I always loved cooking and one day dreamed of opening a few businesses/restaurants. I didn’t want to be a chef which is why I tried other degrees. However, after researching I realized there were many different routes I can go about. The hospitality management route is perfect because of where it will take me and there are so many different strands within that interest me and I’m excited to start this journey.

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  1. Tenzing

    I have also trasnferred from York College and have switched from major to major . I transferred to City Tech, wanting to major in Dental hygiene, and then finally switched my major to Hospitality Management. I’m a little happy to know that I’m am not the only third year student who just got into this major. And best of luck for your future.


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