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36 Hours New York City

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The city that never sleeps features great night life sceneries, events, actvities and tourist attractions. New York City is known to be the Fashion Capital, you can’t think about fashion without associating London, Paris, Milan,and of course New York! So when fashion week comes around what better place to experiece runways and shows than where it’s best known. This 36 hours is geared towards fun, stylish eccentric endeavors that all who come to NY must experience.

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11 am Citizens of Chelsea

Wake up to breakfast at Citizens of Chelsea. COC gives off a trendy, rustic, nature vibe. This café whips more than just your average breakfast/brunch. It’s an Australian style café with aesthetically pleasing meals. Why not start the morning off with a wellness latte that includes beneficial ingredients for your health such as turmeric root, ginger, or matcha tea, all served with almond milk. Satisfy your taste buds not only with a drink but with a one of their various super fun happy bowls! YUM!




Interested in over 250 years of fashion history? Visit the Museum at FIT! The fashion museum works toward entertaining and educating the community on fashion through the years from the beginning to what’s expected in the future. It showcases over 50,000 garments and accessories dating back to the 18th century. What’s fashion without designers? FIT also honors designers who have influenced the industry such as Balenciaga, Chanel, Dior and more! The three levels from lower, main to upper are each devoted to special displays. The lower is devoted to exhibits, the main, for fashion and textile history and the upper for its apprx. 200 rotating selection of historical and artistic objects. All for free admission of course!




Walk the runway and show us your best strut down the Garment District’s Fashion Walk of Fame. Start on 35th and 5 avenue look down and you’ll see 28 bronze sidewalk engravings with designer names and description of fashion contributions. The walk of fame was established in 1999 by the Fashion Center Business Improvement District. It was created to honor designers who significantly impacted the industry and how we dress. You will also come across an 8foot Judith Weller bronze sculpture of a man sewing fabric, it’s called the Garment worker. There’s also a large needle and button to represent the industry.




Stop on 37th by Mood and check out their exclusive fabrics, buttons, threaded and any tools you need to sew the perfect look. Named as “Fashions 50 Most Powerful” by New York Daily News, Mood features selection of silk, spandex and other kind of fabrics in any color. It made a household name for itself as it is often on Project Runway TV show as a source for the young designers in competition. It is also rumored that High end designers also consult with Mood for high quality fabrics.




Step into New York’s well known Garment District aka the Fashion District. Bordered by 42nd Street and 34th Street to the north and south, 5th Avenue and 9th Avenue to the east and west. The name derived dating back to 1920, where over 90% of all garments were made in the highly concentrated area of fashion related production. To preserve the neighborhoods history, walking tours are provided for free. The 1.5-2 hour tour informs fashionistas upon the history of the apparel industry past, present and future. It makes stops at iconic industry sites, factories, and designer showrooms where garments are spread/cut.



fashion week

New York fashion week is also a highly anticipated event where brand name designers showcase their upcoming seasons. Next year fall is presented in winter and spring is presented in fall. So let’s say you get front row seating to designers upcoming collection before it hits the store and plan out your future purchases. Fashion week also features many other shows and after parties that’ll be a one of a kind experience as you get to express yourself through clothing, standing out.  June 2019 IMG Academy is hosting a summer camp with all open access and insights on the fashion industry, how to photograph, cast, model, brand, style and make a career in the industry. You’ll also be allowed entrance to watch a panel amongst the top designers and model in the industry for a pretty penny ranging from $2600+.




SA-SHAY your way over to Lips Drag restaurant. Fashion has influenced the drag community and vice versa. Lips features extravagant performances and dining experiences all in one. For $23 you can compliment your show with a jumbo shrimp fettuccine Alfredo. While these over the top dressed and skilled make up queens impersonate your fav celebrities. They also offer affordable meal and drink packages around $57.



Photo Credit:Ashley Gulliver


5pm TONIC Amidst all the flashing lights on 42 Times Square is Tonic karaoke bar! Start your night life adventures in this lively atmosphere. Sing your heart out and enjoy finger foods or stop in for a quick song. Tonic features a selection of well know artists song lyrics broadcasted on a large screen. So if you have what it takes and are brave… sing, perform, drink and take on the mic with servers and guests.

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You can’t come to New York without trying a slice of Juniors cheesecake. Juniors is home to the World’s Famous cheesecake since 1950. If you’re from NYC you know Juniors cheesecake and how creamy and delicate it is! It’s been raved about by many famous faces like President Barack Obama, Mayor Bloomberg and more! For $42.95 you can purchase a plain or strawberry 3lb cheesecake, or if you love variety try their large sample featuring strawberry, coffee crumb, plain and brownie topped cheesecake for $54.99. Or settle for a $7 slice.


The ride

Photo credit: Ashley Gulliver



Get ready to pose in the heart of NYC, one of the most Instagram-worthy locations. Now you’ll understand why the city never sleeps. Explore NY and get the full New Yorker experience! In the streets you’ll be amazed by the live entertainment it offers. You may encounter “magicians” performing unbelievable tricks, street dancers, singers, your favorite childhood characters and even a metallic painted “tin” man that’ll only move at the drop of a coin. So have your pockets ready! There are also featuring broadway shows like The Lion King with ticket prices $90+.In case that’s not enough excitement for one you can hop on board The Ride. The Ride is an interactive entertainment tour hosted by two comedic hosts who guide you through Midtown Manhattan and Times Square while onboard a lively lit up bus surrounded by glass windows so you’ll look on as the tour navigates through the city. For $69 and 75 min you can receive the entertainment experience or a multimedia sightseeing tour $35 for 90 mins.




Keep the party going at Magic Hours eccentric rooftop bar and lounge. Why not have fun, party and take in beautiful sky line views? This rooftop is like no other as it features amusement games amongst city views in the nighttime. Magic Hour is a magical hidden bar with carousel seating, an oversized topiary garden, and miniature golf alongside pink like sized sculpture animals. The greatest feature in my opinion is it’s “crash pods”. For $99 and way too many drinks you can spend the night at Moxy Hotel below.




7:45pm met gala

The Met Gala is the Fashion industries most anticipated event that’s invite only. This annual fundraising gala occurs the first Monday of may at the Metropolitan Museum of Arts Costume Institute. The event is the opening of the Costume Institutes annual fashion exhibit. Every year the gala hosts a theme that celebrities try to to portray through their gowns, accessories, tuxedos, and hair. If you’re lucky you may come across attendees in the area as they exit near by high end hotels and make their way to the event in taxis.  Otherwise, the museum fortunately welcomes guests through September to explore the theme’s exhibit. The museum happens to charge a $25 fee.


8:20pm luxury stores

When you’re ready to shop till you drop take a walk down 5th avenue. These boutiques range in price from low to high end retailers H&M to Bergdorf Goodman. If you stop by Bergdorf be sure to cross the street to the popular hotel The Plaza which is best known for its scene in the Home Alone movie. You may be lucky to find affordable deals on designer “treasures” found exclusively at NYC locations. Even if you don’t have the funds, take photos in front of the decked out over the top decorated store fronts. Then head over to central park for a relaxing break or even a horse carriage ride for $70 for an hour couple special.

Photo Credit:Ashley Gulliver


NYC’s lodging options are unlimited whether you stay in an airbnb or hotel but why not go all out. Stay at CitizenM New York Times Square a very stylish yet modern hotel with room rates for $499 a night. If you’re looking for high end options stay at the prestigious St Regis or Peninsula 5-star hotel where you’ll be treated like royalty for rates at $745 a night for a 370 sq ft king size bedroom. Airbnb will be the affordable option with rates of $200+ varying on guests, exact location and date.



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Fashion Tourism

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Fashion tourism is a niche market segment evolved out of three major sectors: creative tourism, cultural tourism, and shopping tourism. They are always pushing fashion week trade events to the public eye to raise the city’s fashionable credentials and encourage tourists to travel to our cities. Our group as above, was fashion tourism. In our group was Alexandra, Tenzing and Ashley. From visiting the Brooklyn bridge park we noticed some shopping stores once we visited Empire Stores. Two little boutique stores including JCrew and Feed. J Crew offering clothing, whereas Feed offered both food and beverage as well as some handbags. From visiting Feed we noticed how the bags were made out of recyclable material, making it good for the environment, but a tad pricy. Bags cost a shopper about $110-$118 per bag. To a normal New Yorker, we might think that is crazy. But to a tourist, they sometimes do not care about the price, they will spend the money, because of the good quality material used and due to them visiting New York, maybe for the first time. New York is known for its fashion and overall eccentric style. As a tourist it can inspire one in many ways to bring back to their country or incorporate it into their style. It’s common for travelers to buy clothes, fabrics/garments, shoes, bags and accessories in different countries because it’ll be cheaper, exclusively sold, no taxes or simply a souvenir for themselves or loved ones. A tourist may also travel specifically for New York’s highly anticipated fashion week to be inspired/learn about the culture and develop a unique sense of fashion.

Hotel Site Visit

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What I love the most about Nomo Soho is how aesthetically pleasing and inviting it is. The incorporation of the neighborhood culture/art is such a thoughtful modern idea. Also the rooms no matter the size/price still seemed to accommodate date guests equally with same detail and effort. It’s definitely a hotel I would enjoy staying in. Preparing for a career in the luxury hotel market requires numerous skills. I feel as though the best way to be ready for such an opportunity is to be professional as you are a representation of yourself as well as the industry. You must have patience and be able to communicate since you will be communicating with numerous guests and co workers daily. You should have the knowledge and experience so you know what to expect in such an environment to know if that’s the route for you. I’ve learned that with networking its important upon what you know and sometimes who you know. Someone may be able to recommend/reference you to others which can align you with opportunities. The best way to take action during networking is staying connected. Whether you are supporting or making appearances to ones’ events or connected through a social media platform. You can also provide business cards with your information when meeting people. In case of Nomo soho sending out personal statements/Thank you letters separates you from others and makes your presence know in which they may be willing to invite you to events or to have exclusive deals.

Ashley Gulliver

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I am currently within my third semester at City Tech and my first in Hospitality Management. My college experience has been a long journey of switching from major to major. I eventually acquired so many credits from different courses at York college that I was able to declare an Associates in Liberal Arts. Working in a restaurant for a few years has exposed me to different skills and knowledge in which I knew I fit into well. I always loved cooking and one day dreamed of opening a few businesses/restaurants. I didn’t want to be a chef which is why I tried other degrees. However, after researching I realized there were many different routes I can go about. The hospitality management route is perfect because of where it will take me and there are so many different strands within that interest me and I’m excited to start this journey.