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What I love the most about Nomo Soho is how aesthetically pleasing and inviting it is. The incorporation of the neighborhood culture/art is such a thoughtful modern idea. Also the rooms no matter the size/price still seemed to accommodate date guests equally with same detail and effort. It’s definitely a hotel I would enjoy staying in. Preparing for a career in the luxury hotel market requires numerous skills. I feel as though the best way to be ready for such an opportunity is to be professional as you are a representation of yourself as well as the industry. You must have patience and be able to communicate since you will be communicating with numerous guests and co workers daily. You should have the knowledge and experience so you know what to expect in such an environment to know if that’s the route for you. I’ve learned that with networking its important upon what you know and sometimes who you know. Someone may be able to recommend/reference you to others which can align you with opportunities. The best way to take action during networking is staying connected. Whether you are supporting or making appearances to ones’ events or connected through a social media platform. You can also provide business cards with your information when meeting people. In case of Nomo soho sending out personal statements/Thank you letters separates you from others and makes your presence know in which they may be willing to invite you to events or to have exclusive deals.

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