Fashion Tourism

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Fashion tourism is a niche market segment evolved out of three major sectors: creative tourism, cultural tourism, and shopping tourism. They are always pushing fashion week trade events to the public eye to raise the city’s fashionable credentials and encourage tourists to travel to our cities. Our group as above, was fashion tourism. In our group was Alexandra, Tenzing and Ashley. From visiting the Brooklyn bridge park we noticed some shopping stores once we visited Empire Stores. Two little boutique stores including JCrew and Feed. J Crew offering clothing, whereas Feed offered both food and beverage as well as some handbags. From visiting Feed we noticed how the bags were made out of recyclable material, making it good for the environment, but a tad pricy. Bags cost a shopper about $110-$118 per bag. To a normal New Yorker, we might think that is crazy. But to a tourist, they sometimes do not care about the price, they will spend the money, because of the good quality material used and due to them visiting New York, maybe for the first time. New York is known for its fashion and overall eccentric style. As a tourist it can inspire one in many ways to bring back to their country or incorporate it into their style. It’s common for travelers to buy clothes, fabrics/garments, shoes, bags and accessories in different countries because it’ll be cheaper, exclusively sold, no taxes or simply a souvenir for themselves or loved ones. A tourist may also travel specifically for New York’s highly anticipated fashion week to be inspired/learn about the culture and develop a unique sense of fashion.

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