36 Hours- Ecoturims

Most of the people when listen NY, the first place that came to their mind is Manhattan. However, Brooklyn has many to offer to the eco tourists because Brooklyn has many beautiful green areas, eco restaurants, hotels and also museums.

Brooklyn Bridge by Wilmer Chavez

By Wilmer Chavez

Monday 6,2019

1)  3:00 pm Joy, Fun, and Learning (New York City Aquarium)

Discover a new world under the water in the New York City Aquarium, where you can many marine animals. The ticket price of this fabulous place to adults is $24.95 and children $19.95. Consequently, you can have access to the aquarium, watch a show in the aquatheater and watch a short movie in the 4-D theater and to all the aquarium exhibitions. 

2)   7:00 pm Beach and Sand

In the southwestern of the Borough of Brooklyn, we can find Coney Island Beach. This beach the ocean part of the neighborhood that live mostly Russians. In this beach people can do many activities in courts for beach volleyball, handball, basketball, playgrounds, boardwalks, amusement parks, and swimming. Also, there are an avenue full of fast food restaurants and in the other side you could enjoy the amusement park named: Luna Park With many Mechanic Games.


Tuesday May 7, 2019

3) 9:00 am Colorful life, Beauty and Joyness

One century ago, when an area was in developed into cityscapes and paved roads, it was a great idea create a public park to maintain some green area. This was the beginning of one of the most beautiful gardens in Brooklyn, which is Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Now , This counts with many gardens and conservatories such as: Cherry Esplanade, Children’s Garden, Fragrance Garden, Osborn Garden and so on. The entrance price is adults $15 dollars and children under 12 is free.

4)  1:00 pm Innovation, Unique, Funny

Butter & Scotch is located in the 818 Franklin avenue in Brooklyn. This is an amazing new concept of bakery because it is a bakery bar. Furthermore, you can find extremely delicious pastries, and some alcoholic drink. Wine Rose 11/50, Cocktails ($15), Key Lime Pie ($42).

5)  4:00 pm Unusual Experience

Green-Wood Cemetery is located in Brooklyn. This Cemetery was founded in 1838 and now is an historic landmark. This cemetery has gained an international reputation for its magnificent beauty. Green-Wood has 478 spectacular acres of hills, valleys, glacial pond, and path. This cemetery offers historic trolley tours that you can enjoy for $20 dollars. They also have many events such as: death café, moon tour, birding in peace, eternal menagerie and so on.


6)  9:00 pm Music, Fun and Dance

TBA Brooklyn is located at 395 Wythe ave in the shadow of the Williamsburg Bridge. This bar has an amazing white oak handcrafted bar of 23 ft. Besides, this bar has many recycled decoration as a curtain of old music cassettes. This is an electronic bar founded by veterans. The admission fee can be from free to $30, Baked empanadas ($4), and cocktails ($12)

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

7)  10:00 am Deliciousness and Delight.

Brooklyn Whiskers is a vegan bakery. their decoration inside their installations is made with recyclables products. This bakery offers pastries based plants and customs creations. Furthermore, after of buy your meal you can enjoy in the in front yard the cars passing and the blossom tree. tofu scramble with potato ($10), and fresh juice ($5).


8)  1:00 pm Food, Drinks and Knowledge

The Museum of Food and Drink is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This museum brings the food and beverages to life and you can taste, smell and touch. Consequently, they have a curtain in the entrance made with recycled boxes where commonly Chinese fast food restaurants sell rice. The ticket price is to adults $14 and youth (6-17) $7 Dollars each.


9)  6:00 pm Beer Karma

Beer Karma is Located in the Northside of Brooklyn. This is a bottle shop with the mission of educate their consumers about craft beers and provide them the opportunity to drink the best beers even if these are difficult to find. In this place you can get beers from the U.S and around the world.

10)  8:30 pm Llama Inn

Llama Inn is a Peruvian restaurant. Furthermore, this is a top New York restaurant by the New York Times 2016 and it have gained the Michelin Bib Gourmand. This Restaurant has an eco friendly concept in its decoration. A dish of beef cheek, tacu tacu, seco, and salsa criolla ($25) and a Plantation Pineapple (Rum $13).


The POD Brooklyn is an Hotel, which is located in 247 Metropolitan avenue, Brooklyn. This Hotel is an eco friendly hotel because they have many green areas and also include nature in their decoration. Besides, This hotel is innovating by their rooms are designed in a way of maximize space and minimize waste. Night ($123).



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36 Hours New York City

The city that never sleeps features great night life sceneries, events, actvities and tourist attractions. New York City is known to be the Fashion Capital, you can’t think about fashion without associating London, Paris, Milan,and of course New York! So when fashion week comes around what better place to experiece runways and shows than where it’s best known. This 36 hours is geared towards fun, stylish eccentric endeavors that all who come to NY must experience.

Photo Credit:Ashley Gulliver


11 am Citizens of Chelsea

Wake up to breakfast at Citizens of Chelsea. COC gives off a trendy, rustic, nature vibe. This café whips more than just your average breakfast/brunch. It’s an Australian style café with aesthetically pleasing meals. Why not start the morning off with a wellness latte that includes beneficial ingredients for your health such as turmeric root, ginger, or matcha tea, all served with almond milk. Satisfy your taste buds not only with a drink but with a one of their various super fun happy bowls! YUM!




Interested in over 250 years of fashion history? Visit the Museum at FIT! The fashion museum works toward entertaining and educating the community on fashion through the years from the beginning to what’s expected in the future. It showcases over 50,000 garments and accessories dating back to the 18th century. What’s fashion without designers? FIT also honors designers who have influenced the industry such as Balenciaga, Chanel, Dior and more! The three levels from lower, main to upper are each devoted to special displays. The lower is devoted to exhibits, the main, for fashion and textile history and the upper for its apprx. 200 rotating selection of historical and artistic objects. All for free admission of course!




Walk the runway and show us your best strut down the Garment District’s Fashion Walk of Fame. Start on 35th and 5 avenue look down and you’ll see 28 bronze sidewalk engravings with designer names and description of fashion contributions. The walk of fame was established in 1999 by the Fashion Center Business Improvement District. It was created to honor designers who significantly impacted the industry and how we dress. You will also come across an 8foot Judith Weller bronze sculpture of a man sewing fabric, it’s called the Garment worker. There’s also a large needle and button to represent the industry.




Stop on 37th by Mood and check out their exclusive fabrics, buttons, threaded and any tools you need to sew the perfect look. Named as “Fashions 50 Most Powerful” by New York Daily News, Mood features selection of silk, spandex and other kind of fabrics in any color. It made a household name for itself as it is often on Project Runway TV show as a source for the young designers in competition. It is also rumored that High end designers also consult with Mood for high quality fabrics.




Step into New York’s well known Garment District aka the Fashion District. Bordered by 42nd Street and 34th Street to the north and south, 5th Avenue and 9th Avenue to the east and west. The name derived dating back to 1920, where over 90% of all garments were made in the highly concentrated area of fashion related production. To preserve the neighborhoods history, walking tours are provided for free. The 1.5-2 hour tour informs fashionistas upon the history of the apparel industry past, present and future. It makes stops at iconic industry sites, factories, and designer showrooms where garments are spread/cut.



fashion week

New York fashion week is also a highly anticipated event where brand name designers showcase their upcoming seasons. Next year fall is presented in winter and spring is presented in fall. So let’s say you get front row seating to designers upcoming collection before it hits the store and plan out your future purchases. Fashion week also features many other shows and after parties that’ll be a one of a kind experience as you get to express yourself through clothing, standing out.  June 2019 IMG Academy is hosting a summer camp with all open access and insights on the fashion industry, how to photograph, cast, model, brand, style and make a career in the industry. You’ll also be allowed entrance to watch a panel amongst the top designers and model in the industry for a pretty penny ranging from $2600+.




SA-SHAY your way over to Lips Drag restaurant. Fashion has influenced the drag community and vice versa. Lips features extravagant performances and dining experiences all in one. For $23 you can compliment your show with a jumbo shrimp fettuccine Alfredo. While these over the top dressed and skilled make up queens impersonate your fav celebrities. They also offer affordable meal and drink packages around $57.



Photo Credit:Ashley Gulliver


5pm TONIC Amidst all the flashing lights on 42 Times Square is Tonic karaoke bar! Start your night life adventures in this lively atmosphere. Sing your heart out and enjoy finger foods or stop in for a quick song. Tonic features a selection of well know artists song lyrics broadcasted on a large screen. So if you have what it takes and are brave… sing, perform, drink and take on the mic with servers and guests.

Photo Credit:Ashley Gulliver


You can’t come to New York without trying a slice of Juniors cheesecake. Juniors is home to the World’s Famous cheesecake since 1950. If you’re from NYC you know Juniors cheesecake and how creamy and delicate it is! It’s been raved about by many famous faces like President Barack Obama, Mayor Bloomberg and more! For $42.95 you can purchase a plain or strawberry 3lb cheesecake, or if you love variety try their large sample featuring strawberry, coffee crumb, plain and brownie topped cheesecake for $54.99. Or settle for a $7 slice.


The ride

Photo credit: Ashley Gulliver



Get ready to pose in the heart of NYC, one of the most Instagram-worthy locations. Now you’ll understand why the city never sleeps. Explore NY and get the full New Yorker experience! In the streets you’ll be amazed by the live entertainment it offers. You may encounter “magicians” performing unbelievable tricks, street dancers, singers, your favorite childhood characters and even a metallic painted “tin” man that’ll only move at the drop of a coin. So have your pockets ready! There are also featuring broadway shows like The Lion King with ticket prices $90+.In case that’s not enough excitement for one you can hop on board The Ride. The Ride is an interactive entertainment tour hosted by two comedic hosts who guide you through Midtown Manhattan and Times Square while onboard a lively lit up bus surrounded by glass windows so you’ll look on as the tour navigates through the city. For $69 and 75 min you can receive the entertainment experience or a multimedia sightseeing tour $35 for 90 mins.




Keep the party going at Magic Hours eccentric rooftop bar and lounge. Why not have fun, party and take in beautiful sky line views? This rooftop is like no other as it features amusement games amongst city views in the nighttime. Magic Hour is a magical hidden bar with carousel seating, an oversized topiary garden, and miniature golf alongside pink like sized sculpture animals. The greatest feature in my opinion is it’s “crash pods”. For $99 and way too many drinks you can spend the night at Moxy Hotel below.




7:45pm met gala

The Met Gala is the Fashion industries most anticipated event that’s invite only. This annual fundraising gala occurs the first Monday of may at the Metropolitan Museum of Arts Costume Institute. The event is the opening of the Costume Institutes annual fashion exhibit. Every year the gala hosts a theme that celebrities try to to portray through their gowns, accessories, tuxedos, and hair. If you’re lucky you may come across attendees in the area as they exit near by high end hotels and make their way to the event in taxis.  Otherwise, the museum fortunately welcomes guests through September to explore the theme’s exhibit. The museum happens to charge a $25 fee.


8:20pm luxury stores

When you’re ready to shop till you drop take a walk down 5th avenue. These boutiques range in price from low to high end retailers H&M to Bergdorf Goodman. If you stop by Bergdorf be sure to cross the street to the popular hotel The Plaza which is best known for its scene in the Home Alone movie. You may be lucky to find affordable deals on designer “treasures” found exclusively at NYC locations. Even if you don’t have the funds, take photos in front of the decked out over the top decorated store fronts. Then head over to central park for a relaxing break or even a horse carriage ride for $70 for an hour couple special.

Photo Credit:Ashley Gulliver


NYC’s lodging options are unlimited whether you stay in an airbnb or hotel but why not go all out. Stay at CitizenM New York Times Square a very stylish yet modern hotel with room rates for $499 a night. If you’re looking for high end options stay at the prestigious St Regis or Peninsula 5-star hotel where you’ll be treated like royalty for rates at $745 a night for a 370 sq ft king size bedroom. Airbnb will be the affordable option with rates of $200+ varying on guests, exact location and date.



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36 Hours in Brooklyn

New York City is a melting pot of different cultures, and that is apparent in the Brooklyn borough. Every nook and cranny is overflowing with representation of the different cultures who live here. And all of these people who come from diverse backgrounds help shape the culture of Brooklyn itself. With a huge variety of mass transportation getting out and seeing it for yourself will be a breeze. Not a fan of going underground? Instead of a train you can use a City Bike, impatient? Take an Uber or a Lyft for fast travel. While your out be sure to check the weather forecast , like New York the weather changes constantly.

Continental Army Plaza: 10 am

Start off your day will a relaxing stroll through the park. The Continental Army Plaza is a great place for socializing with locals and unwinding. Its is also a place that reminds those who visit the history and culture of the American nation. One of the park’s most defining features is its statue of President George Washington in the center of the plaza. It reminds visitors of how the country came to be and the fighting spirit America is known for.

Pies ‘n’ Thighs: 12 am

For lunch, stop buy Pies ‘n’ Thighs for a bite. Serving up comfort food inspired by classic american dishes, Mexican and Californian cuisine. Awarded best donuts in New York by New York magazine, Best Apple Pie and Best Fried Chicken in national surveys by Food & Wine and Bon Appétit. This restaurant has even been in the New York times! Truly this is a restaurant worth visiting. Main dishes will cost from as low as $4.50 to $16USD.

Brooklyn museum: 2:30 pm

The Brooklyn museum is a place dedicated to sharing ideas and experiencing different cultures through art. At this museum, visitors will find art from diverse cultures. Such art from the Islamic world, Asia, the pacific islands and contemporary art. This museum has been featured in many articles from a variety of publications such as the new York times, Apollo magazine and vanity fair. At this museum, visitors will find art from diverse cultures. An Adult ticket is $16 USD.

YUJI Ramen: 7 pm

Make YUJI Ramen a stop on your list of places to go. It started off as an effort to trying to introduce new styles of Japanese ramen to america. And due to the owners background in seafood supply and the food industry, visitors can enjoy new Japanese styles of ramen. As the seasonality of certain produce change so will the menu, leaving the customer always satisfied and never bored. But as there is no certain menu there is no certain price, but general the main dishes are $17 to $24 USD.

Egg: 11 am

Have a late breakfast here at Egg. Egg is a restaurant determined not only to serve wonderful food, but to do good outside of the kitchen as well. Taking care of their employees, supporting farmers and purveyors who work to improve the planet and getting sustainable food out to the public is just some of the ways they do that. Main dishes from their breakfast menu will cost $10 to $15 USD.

Luna Park /Cyclone Roller Coaster: 1:30 pm

A staple in Brooklyn, Luna Park is a place jam packed with fun. But even this amusement park is steeped in culture, due to the long standing Cyclone Roller Coaster. Opening in 1972, this wooden roller coaster was originally apart of Astro land theme park. This roller coaster has stood the test of time, creating happy memories for the young and old alike. An any date Luna Pass starts from $40 USD and a selected date Luna Pass starts from $29USD, you can also pay for a ticket for each individual ride/game.

Lantern: 4 pm

Come on in, stay awhile at the Lantern in Brooklyn heights. A Thai restaurant that claims to take all the good of the food industry and makes it better after 20 years of experience. The restaurant intends to be a comfortable, fresh, creative and affordable restaurant. Main dishes from their dine in menu cost between $12-$29USD.

Metropolitan Bar: 6:45 pm

One of Brooklyn’s original gay bars, Metropolitan Bar is a place to party an socialize. Dancing, music covers and the occasional drag show, what more could you want? This bar is always doing events so there never a dull moment. Happy hours is from 3 pm to 8 pm drink price ranges from $3 to $7.


MOFAD: 12 pm
Museum of Food and Drink, or MOFAD for short is a museum that believes food is culture. The people of MOFAD try to inspire public curiosity in food. By not only engaging their sense of taste but smell and touch as well. It’s a small experimental museum in Williamsburg where right now they have a showing of Chow:Making the Chinese American Restaurant and they have a second part to the exhibit. If the visitor buys the special admission Chow Down Ticket, after observing the rest of the exhibit. Visitors have the opportunity to have a small meal with tea inside the museum. General admission is $14 USD for an Adult, $25USD for the special admission ticket.

UnderHill Brooklyn: 1:45 pm
At this family owned establishment, UnderHill is dishing out great Greek meals. The food is a work of art and there is so much variety. From your standard Falafel to Ribeye and even a custom pizza. They also do catering for all your special events. Main dishes range from $14 to $28USD.

Brooklyn Botanical gardens: 3:30 pm

Bet you didn’t know there was a botanical gardens in Brooklyn, but there is! In this concrete jungle we call new York it can be hard to slow down and smell the roses. But with the Brooklyn Botanical Garden it becomes easier. One of the main missions of botanical garden is to help people connect to the world of plants, inspire curiosity and appreciation. Admission for an Adult is $15USD.

Sunday in Brooklyn 6 pm

Step into Sunday in Brooklyn a restaurant that cares about what and who they serve. The owner remembers when Sunday was a day for discovering new things in his neighborhood of Brooklyn, and thus wants to share that feeling with his customers through the atmosphere and the food. This restaurant boasts accommodations for all times of the year, and that they source their meat responsibly. At this restaurant you’re sure to find good food, a good time and a warm welcome. dishes range from $19 to $49 USD

Hotel – Pod Brooklyn

Pod Brooklyn is a modern place for the modern person. No unnecessary extravagant furniture and no over priced mini bar. This hotel is for those who like a stylish but functional space. The rooms at the pod are relatively small and therefore the rooms are more affordable to book. But it’s not a one size fits all, the Pod Brooklyn has different types of rooms for all your needs. A larger room for families, smaller rooms for singles and a rooms designed for better accessibility. Pod Brooklyn’s average rate fluctuates around $123USD.



36 hours in Brooklyn

36 hours in Brooklyn


By Kevin Paguay


Brooklyn, one of the five boroughs of New York has many great places to visit and great places to eat too.



1) 1 p.m. Ramen


If you like ramen, then there is only one place I insist you to go and you might come again to eat more. This place is called “Ichiran,” where the theme is full on Japanese so you can feel like your eating ramen in Japan. It located in 374 Johnson Ave, not far from the L train. The menu was quite interesting, just a piece a paper where you fill out what food you like to have, and how you like your ramen to be cook. Try out there classic Tonkotsu Ramen with a little of their original spicy red sauce ($18.90), with a side order of slice marinated pork loin ($9.90), and drink with hot or cold matcha tea ($3.90). And a great way to eat your meal is by sitting in your own booth, where no one can disrupt you from your eating.  


2) 3 p.m. Navy Yard


Take your time off from the present and start taking a walking path towards the past where you can learn what happen in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The Brooklyn Navy Yard is located in 141 Flushing Avenue Unit 801, where it is known to built and repair battleships and aircraft carriers for American soldiers to sail and fly for the battle of World War 2. If that doesn’t surprise you, it is also known where womens took jobs there as mechanics when the men went to war. If you want to take a path to the past, then is time to take a tour where adults ($30), seniors (ages 65+, $27), children ($15), and military veterans or active-duty service members ($22.50) can walk around the yard and see how it was during the World War 2.

By Kevin Paguay (Ichirans pay counter/gift shop)


3) 5:30 P.M. the power the sweetness


You had a long day and you feel like your craving for some sweet. Just close to the L train of  Morgan Ave, the FINE & RAW Chocolate Factory is a great places to get some sweets, made with raw food ingredients. The sales of there chocolate bars ($5), a block of chocolate ($20), 4-24 pieces of truffle set ($15-$80), and the deluxe/gift package ($40-$220) look super delicious and super a lot to pay.


4) 11 A.M. The smell of flowers


When you start your day with a clear sunny day, you feel like walking and go smell the flowers. Head on over to 990 Washington Ave, where is northeast of Prospect park and close to Grand Army Plaza. This place is known as the Brooklyn Botanic Garden where people can feel relax and claim and a lot of wedding events takes place there because of beautyness the garden had to offer. Other parts of the garden like the palm house, which help to relieve the stress of the city behind and the atrium is a great space to hold a luxurious setting event. For entrance, adults ($15), Seniors (65+, $8), students (12+ with ID, $8), and kids (12 or below, free) have to pay in order to enter the magnificent place.


5) 4 P.M. Spooky time


If you want to go somewhere scary and had a spooky time, come to the Green-Wood cemetery where you’ll have a scary adventure. It locate in 500 25th St, where it’s close to the D train 25 St station. The cemetery is known for it many events taken place like the Historic Trolley tour, where tourist ride to trolley train for just $20 and ride around the cemetery discussing about to history to the place. Also on Halloween night, take a night tour while holding a lighted candle while musicians, performance artist, and storytellers that can creep you out.



6) 12:30 P.M. Cheese


If your hungry for cheese, then try out the Cheeseboat which serves at a Georgian restaurant in 80 Berry St, close to the G train. Cheeseboat is a georgian-style cheese stuffed bread, which top it up with a egg ($16-$25)


7) 4:30 P.M. Food Knowledge


Instead of eating food, why not try to know knowledge of food and drink. Head to the Museum of Food and Drink (MOFAD) Lab, located in 62 Bayard St, close to G train Nassau Ave. This museum allow its guest to taste, smell, and touch foods. It also give events like CHOW, which celebrates of how chinese cuisines can make an impact to the United States. Admission to enter for adult is $14.00, reduced (students, seniors, military personal, disabled, low-income) $10.00, youth (6-17 years age) $7.00, and children (5 and under) free.   




If you are suggesting to come to Brooklyn, NY book a room in Pod Brooklyn Hotel. It’s locate in 247 Metropolitan Ave, very close to the subway station and the Music Hall of Williamsburg. The rooms are from 110-300 square feet with private bathroom with rain shower head, wireless internet, flat-screen, and make free local calls. For a queen pod room for just $289.75 is a great price to stay for days.    















36 Hours in Brooklyn – Cultural (Art)

36 Hours in Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn is more than a pit stop to Manhattan. The cultural art forms are usually overlooked.

View from Empire Stores – Photo credit by Laura Ng

View from Empire Stores – Photo credit by Laura Ng

By Laura Ng

May 14, 2019

Abstract expressionism is considered the first artistic movement to make its way from Europe to New York, which sparked the visual art scene in the 1940s to the 1960s. This type of art form was seen as childish, but because of art criticism and political environments at the time, it allowed for conversation and expression during the Cold War. This became the American modern art movement, making New York one of the global centers for an international art market. Manhattan is known for their art galleries and museums in the Upper East Side and their Downtown area, unlike their neighboring borough Brooklyn. Brooklyn has art galleries and culturally artistic places that are overshadowed by tourist attractions that are well known in Manhattan. An area like DUMBO, where you can find Empire Stores is one of many locations that feature different art forms of modern and contemporary art from upcoming artists from Brooklyn.


1) 1:30 p.m. Get a Closer Look

Founded in 2010 by artists Elle Burchill and Andrea Monti, the Microscope Gallery is a contemporary art gallery that features works that involve moving image, sound, performance, and digital art. This gallery is located in Bushwick at 1329 Willoughby Avenue, #2B Brooklyn, NY 11237. Recent past works was Zach Nader’s psychic pictures from April 5 – May 12, 2019, where he addressed the persuasive powers of advertising and how people receive that information. An upcoming work will be featuring Peggy Ahwesh’s work, Cleave, from May 17-June 24, 2019 that features moving image installations.

2) 3:00 p.m. An Experimental Gallery

Located in the same location as the Microscopic Gallery is the Transmitter, a collaborative curatorial gallery founded in 2014 by a curatorial team of artists that focuses on experimental forms of art. There have been past exhibited artists as well as solo artist’s projects. From May 10 – June 16, 2019, the art exhibition Courtesy of is held, a sequel to the past exhibition Stop Making Sense. In this exhibition, members of Transmitter bring in their own art from their collections without telling others what they will bring. This exhibit hopes to bring out the freedom of artists and therefore inspire and influence others. In a way, this shows that art is a free form and art is how one perceives it.

3) 5:00 p.m. A Balancing Act

On the street of Jay Street-Metrotech, The Balanced Cylinder - Photo credit by Laura Ng

On the street of Jay Street-Metrotech, The Balanced Cylinder – Photo credit by Laura Ng

Head over to Jay Street-Metrotech station to take a look at an interesting work of art. You will find a red sculpture that sticks out like a sore thumb. Made of welded steel with a height of 28 feet tall and weighing two tons in front of Starbucks is The Balanced Cylinder by Paul Sisko. Paul Sisko is a contemporary sculptor who uses multimedia of wood, metal and stone and has worked on sculpting for over 30 years. He uses methods of bending, twisting, crushing and even tearing when creating his sculptures, and it is nowhere near easy. His other works are featured in PA and NJ.

4) 5:30 p.m. Fun Art Installations

The inside of one of the art installations at BKLYN Studios, A Primordial Place - Photo credit by Laura Ng

The inside of one of the art installations at BKLYN Studios, A Primordial Place – Photo credit by Laura Ng

Take a 10 minute walk over from Jay Street-Metrotech to 445 Albee Square West and you will find City Point, a mixed-use residential and commercial building. This was one of the winning developments that was proposed in 2004, an in 2016, City Point Tower II was opened. Here at City Point is an event space called BKLYN Studios. The most recent art-installation, A Primordial Place, was held on May 3 – May 4, 2019 from noon to 8 p.m. that featured Selah Marley’s arrangements of flowers, grassy padding, foliage, and a massive tree inside the room. You can sit and lay down on the floors, with the room filled with the fresh scent of nature. The best part is that it’s free to enter! An upcoming event is the New York City Brick by Brick from May 17 – May 19, 2019 from noon to 7 p.m. where you can meet the artist Jonathan Lopes and his LEGOS! rendition of iconic buildings and landmarks in New York City.

5) 6:30 p.m.  Food Galore

The Dekalb Market Hall and one of their seating areas - Photo credit by Laura Ng

The Dekalb Market Hall and one of their seating areas – Photo credit by Laura Ng

Hungry after walking around the event space? No need to exit City Point! Head to the basement level and the Dekalb Market Hall will welcome you. Opened 7 days a week from 7am – 10pm, The Dekalb Market Hall is a lively area with pops of color and hip wall art. This is a great place for a hangout with plenty of seats and tables, and having a choice of over 40 culturally and ethnically diverse vendors. Some vendors you will find here are Katz’s and their famous pastrami hot sandwich ($22.45), Bunker Vietnamese’s Saigon bahn mi ($13), Hana Noodle’s fried hand pulled noodles ($11.75), or even Eight Turn Crepe’s sweet or savory crepes.


6) 10 a.m. Brooklyn Museum

Take the 2 or 3 subway lines to Eastern Parkway Brooklyn Museum and walk one minute from the station to the museum. You can’t miss it! At 560,000 square feet, the Brooklyn museum is one of the largest museums in New York City that contains over 1.5 million works of art. It was first founded in 1823 by Augustus Graham as a library, then became a subdivision of the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences until 1970s when it became an independent museum. The Brooklyn Museum is known for their wide collections of various cultures around the world, especially their collections on Egyptian and African art. Tickets for adults are $16, while students with I.D, adults 65 and older, and visitors with disabilities pay $10. It is free for visitors 19 years and under.

7) 1 p.m. Indulge in Expensive Décor

The Dekalb Market Hall and one of their seating areas - Photo credit by Laura Ng

The Dekalb Market Hall and one of their seating areas – Photo credit by Laura Ng

Want to look for a unique artsy gift to give someone, or for yourself? Look no further, as Collier’s West is located at 377A Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11217. Although prices are in the higher ranges, do not let that scare you off! Take a step inside and admire artworks and interesting designs throughout the store.  Opened in 2011, this compact store specializes in their handcrafted vintage and antique home furnishings, such as light fixtures, furniture, wall décor, jewelry and cards other small trinkets.

8) 4 p.m. A Chocolate Factory

The entrance of Li-Lac Chocolates - Photo credit by Laura Ng

The entrance of Li-Lac Chocolates – Photo credit by Laura Ng

If you’re feeling tired, recharge yourself with a little bit of sugar at Li-Lac Chocolates. Take the R or D train to 36st station and walk down the avenue towards Industry City. Located within Industry City of Building 4, this chocolate factory uses original recipes from the 1920s and features works of sculptures made out of chocolate. They have been making hand-crafted chocolates for almost 100 years! Before you walk in, there is a wide window for you to view how the chocolates are made, with workers decorating tiny pieces of chocolate. When you step into the store, you are greeted with the smell of sweetness in the air, and the factory and machines that are visible behind the cashier counter. Don’t forget to grab a free sample on your way out!

9) 4:30 p.m. Industry City Food Hall  

Within the Industry City Food Hall is a work of art featuring an artist - Photo credit by Laura Ng

Within the Industry City Food Hall is a work of art featuring an artist – Photo credit by Laura Ng

Industry City is a historic shipping and warehousing complex in the Sunset Park neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY. Originally named the Bush Terminal founded in the early 1900s, it was used as a navy base covering almost 200 acres of land, going through a decline after World War II. Around 2013, it was rebranded as Industry City. Today, this complex is only made up of 35 acres but is very successful due to diverse businesses surrounding artisans and garment manufacturing. Due to it being successful, Industry City has grown and further expanded businesses. A food court was created for workers within the area and soon incorporated artworks such as wall art, art installations, and large sculptures around the complex. At the Industry City Food Hall located in Building 2, there is a variety of mini eateries to choose from. Head to Ends Meat for their sweet and sour short ribs ($8), Avocaderia for their burrata sunshine salad bowl ($13.45), or grab an intense ginger mint julep at Barrow’s Intense Ginger.

10) 7:00p.m. Take a Stroll through Art

By the late 20th century, there was a new wave of immigrants and Bushwick became predominately Hispanic. In the mid-2000s, New York City and State started a program called the ‘Bushwick Initiative’ to help improve the lives of residents. Since 2000, many artists moved into these renovated buildings and thus flourished an artist community. Bushwick has many art studios and galleries throughout the neighborhood and that can be seen in the Bushwick Street Art Collective with over 100 blocks of graffiti art by local and non-local artists. Take the L train to Jefferson Avenue and walk about 8 minutes from the station. You can take a stroll on your own or take an outdoor tour that starts at Jefferson Street and ends at Saint Nicholas Avenue with a pay-what-you-like price.

11) 12 a.m. Drinks and Board Games

Swing by The Exley Bar located by the Brooklyn-Queens Highway in Williamsburg at 1 Jackson St, Brooklyn, NY 11211 for their chic and relaxed vibe. Although this bar aimed to be a place for artists and writers, do not hesitate to go even if you are not one. When you enter the bar, you will be greeted with a large mural, a yellow and blue oil painting. With only a couple of tables and seating, this small spot has its own comfort with decorative walls and board games placed neatly on the shelves. You can play with the board games, but be sure to put them back! At this bar, they have interesting cocktail names such as Penicillin (scotch, ginger honey, lemon, laphroaig for $12), or All Choked Up (white rum, cynar, choke berry, lemon for $10).


12) 11 a.m. Cheap Deals

If you are looking for vintage clothing, handmade arts or crafty items for a cheap price, the Artists and Fleas Market is the place to go. Located in Williamsburg at 70 N 7th street, Brooklyn, NY 11249, it is only opened on the weekends. You can take the G train to Metropolitan Avenue and transfer to the L train and get off at Bedford Avenue station. From there it is a 5 minute walk. This indoor market has over 75 sellers that creates a hip vibe that attracts trendy individuals as well as creative entrepreneurs. If you are lucky, you might find something you like and can take it home as souvenirs.



The NU Hotel (queens bed/room start at $175, king bed is $193) is a boutique hotel located at 85 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201 and is accessible to many train stations (2, 3, 4, 5, A, B, C, D, F, G, M, N, and R). Out of 93 rooms, some of them feature an artist’s work, where these rooms are called NU perspectives rooms that have a painted mural on one wall. Each standard room has a work desk, mini-bar and a flat-screen HDTV. This hotel provides a continental breakfast, premium Wi-Fi, lobby with all-day coffee, tea and carbonated water, bar and lounge, gift shop, dry cleaning and laundry services and a 24-hour fitness center.


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