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Whitney Museum

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Whitney MuseumĀ 

New York City Go. (2017). Whitney Biennial Guide. Retrieved fromĀĀ 

The goal of the Whitney Museum was never to show art quietly. Their mission is to “provoke” and be controversial about current conversations. Conversations do not always have to be verbal, visualization can better enhance the feelings of people, either to express anger or empathy. Artists that exhibit their artwork in the Whitney museum uses various of forms to spark conversations: from regular paintings, to plantings, to using colorful pins. It is not about making sense in artwork, it is about how to use colors, forms, and materials to visualize our world. The Whitney museum is a landmark because of this unique challenge they are willing toĀ  propose to the world.

Hotel Site Visit – Tina

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NoMo Hotel was the first hotel that I have ever visited as a student. It was an amazing experience to get to know the internal system of how a hotel functions. This tour gave me a basic understanding of how each room may be priced differently than others, as well as what kind of services are including within a basic hotel reservation. One thing I would want to learn more is the routine of certain positions, such as front desk, marketing team, or culinary department. An important skill that I believe I need to be trained for is having the patience and determination to serve guests at a luxury hotels. The reason behind this is that, a luxury hotel should fulfill all needs of their guest. However, these needs may become difficult at times. Thus, in order to continue in this industry, learning the communication skill to serve guests is essential.

Tina Ou

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Have you ever hesitate to travel to a country or place simply because you can not speak their native language? When I was in elementary school, I realized that many tourists have this problem. Thus, ever since then, I wanted to study hospitality. I speak Mandarin, Cantoese, Taiwanese, English, and (in progress) Korea. Ultimately, I wish to use my language skills to provide the best hospitality service for whomever comes to my hotel. I went to Bard High School Early College, which enhanced my academic career by two years speed. I graduated high school this year with an associates degree, which pushed me into this field even earlier, giving me more time to train myself into providing the best quality service at my future hotel.