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Sport tourism

Honestly, this was my first time to visit Brooklyn Bridge Park. Visiting Brooklyn Bridge Park was giving me a good and unforgettable experience for me.

Sport tourism is an important topic for people who travel to a place. They have different feeling and experiences in some ways by doing some activities.

During the class trip, I observed some people who running and walking dog in the morning when I was walking around the hotel. The weather is actually a little bit cold in that day, but they keep doing it, probably every day. I saw there are a few basketball courts from a distance. I believe that there will be a lot people doing sports during summer in Brooklyn Bridge Park, Including Soccer, fishing, riding bikes, even boating, and so on.

Cultural Tourism

Laura, Sharnae

Cultural tourism is concerned with a region’s lifestyle based on art, architecture, religion and other factors. Within our group, Sharnae and I focused on the art forms that Brooklyn Bridge Park and DUMBO had to offer.

During the class trip, we observed a few places that related to cultural tourism. We started off at Bargemusic, a place that sits by the waters and has musical performances. While taking a stroll over to St. Ann’s Warehouse, a theatre, which was previously a tobacco warehouse, it was discussed that there are public arts, sometimes seen on walls and even art installations. At the warehouse, we discussed activities that one might do while touring the area, such as going to Pier 1 to sit in the grass and watch an outdoor movie, listening to musicians play live at Bargemusic, and looking at art installations set up around the park. It was also discussed that not only are there plays at the theatre, but actors and actresses play their roles walking around the park. Lastly, when we headed to Empire Stores, there were art in there as well. Almost like a mini museum, there was an area where Brooklyn artist’s art were being showcased.  

Heritage Tourism

Anne, Tina, Blessings

Heritage Tourism is traveling to experience different culture diversity around the world  from the arts, food, fashion and history from past and present. During our trip at the Brooklyn bridge park we were able to learn things from the past and how tourism have evolved throughout the years. Many changes were made for example, before the bridge and the park was build the area was used for trades. Now, the shore have changed and became more modern meaning when visiting the shore it can be a little hard to know the history behind what we are seeing.   Before visiting the shore with the class many of us who has visited it didn’t know the history being it,that the railroads that are on the street were use as a way to transport things around not only food and cotton were being transported but also slaves. When it come to tourism because there are many parts, there are always places for change. Throughout the Brooklyn park having sign on a board or a digital board/app that can show specific places or specific tourism can help individuals learn about where they are and a general background of the area. Heritage Tourism is everywhere whether we see it or not around the Brooklyn bridge it is very diverse, with many Italian restaurant to the Moore street market where many tourists come and get variety food. Arts and architectures from the past are still around and others are able to see and learned about the past. Cultures are being spread everyday with food, arts and interactions between others.

Food & Drink Tourism

Deborah & Shianne

Food & Drink                                                         Tourism on the Brooklyn Waterfront

Food & drink tourism is travel for food and drink related activities. Food & drink can bring tourist from near and far. Tourism for food & drink isn’t just to restaurants and bars it also encompasses related activities like visiting markets.

During our visit to the Brooklyn Bridge Park we observed several food & drink related activities. There were both newer options and places that have history in the area. We noticed that there were places that serve all levels of food needs. There were small kiosks, an upcoming market, formal and casual sit down restaurants. The food & drink options attract both tourist from far and neighborhood locals. The Brooklyn Bridge Park and surrounding areas could use more in drink offerings.

Activities discussed were:

The River Café- Landmark location on the Brooklyn Waterfront opened in 1977 when the Brooklyn Waterfront was undeveloped.

Cecconi’s Dumbo- Italian restaurant and bar located in Empire Stores. Offers discounts to regular customers, consisting of Dumbo residents and people who work in the building.

Historic Tourism

Historic tourism focus in the kind of tourism, where the group of tour emphazises on the history of some places, people, or others events in the past. this type of tourism study and experieces places where historical things occurred. In our group was Sihan, Jinfeng, and Mariano. Base on what we experience on our site visit on Brooklyn Bridge Park and DUMBO was that those places have historical moments that catch our attention. When we were at the Brooklyn Bridge Waterfront, we found out that it used to be the Brookland Ferry Landing from which point the American army to embarked during the night of august 29th 1776s. on the other hand, DUMBO used to be a warehouse where they keep coffee inside until this was abandoned in 1960. Althought, this DUMBO right now become a comercial place, inside DUMBO we found a part of a machine that seeing to be old but didn’t have any information on it.

Fashion Tourism

Fashion tourism is a niche market segment evolved out of three major sectors: creative tourism, cultural tourism, and shopping tourism. They are always pushing fashion week trade events to the public eye to raise the city’s fashionable credentials and encourage tourists to travel to our cities. Our group as above, was fashion tourism. In our group was Alexandra, Tenzing and Ashley. From visiting the Brooklyn bridge park we noticed some shopping stores once we visited Empire Stores. Two little boutique stores including JCrew and Feed. J Crew offering clothing, whereas Feed offered both food and beverage as well as some handbags. From visiting Feed we noticed how the bags were made out of recyclable material, making it good for the environment, but a tad pricy. Bags cost a shopper about $110-$118 per bag. To a normal New Yorker, we might think that is crazy. But to a tourist, they sometimes do not care about the price, they will spend the money, because of the good quality material used and due to them visiting New York, maybe for the first time. New York is known for its fashion and overall eccentric style. As a tourist it can inspire one in many ways to bring back to their country or incorporate it into their style. It’s common for travelers to buy clothes, fabrics/garments, shoes, bags and accessories in different countries because it’ll be cheaper, exclusively sold, no taxes or simply a souvenir for themselves or loved ones. A tourist may also travel specifically for New York’s highly anticipated fashion week to be inspired/learn about the culture and develop a unique sense of fashion.