Food & Drink Tourism

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Deborah & Shianne

Food & Drink                                                         Tourism on the Brooklyn Waterfront

Food & drink tourism is travel for food and drink related activities. Food & drink can bring tourist from near and far. Tourism for food & drink isn’t just to restaurants and bars it also encompasses related activities like visiting markets.

During our visit to the Brooklyn Bridge Park we observed several food & drink related activities. There were both newer options and places that have history in the area. We noticed that there were places that serve all levels of food needs. There were small kiosks, an upcoming market, formal and casual sit down restaurants. The food & drink options attract both tourist from far and neighborhood locals. The Brooklyn Bridge Park and surrounding areas could use more in drink offerings.

Activities discussed were:

The River Café- Landmark location on the Brooklyn Waterfront opened in 1977 when the Brooklyn Waterfront was undeveloped.

Cecconi’s Dumbo- Italian restaurant and bar located in Empire Stores. Offers discounts to regular customers, consisting of Dumbo residents and people who work in the building.

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