Cultural Tourism

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Laura, Sharnae

Cultural tourism is concerned with a region’s lifestyle based on art, architecture, religion and other factors. Within our group, Sharnae and I focused on the art forms that Brooklyn Bridge Park and DUMBO had to offer.

During the class trip, we observed a few places that related to cultural tourism. We started off at Bargemusic, a place that sits by the waters and has musical performances. While taking a stroll over to St. Ann’s Warehouse, a theatre, which was previously a tobacco warehouse, it was discussed that there are public arts, sometimes seen on walls and even art installations. At the warehouse, we discussed activities that one might do while touring the area, such as going to Pier 1 to sit in the grass and watch an outdoor movie, listening to musicians play live at Bargemusic, and looking at art installations set up around the park. It was also discussed that not only are there plays at the theatre, but actors and actresses play their roles walking around the park. Lastly, when we headed to Empire Stores, there were art in there as well. Almost like a mini museum, there was an area where Brooklyn artist’s art were being showcased.  

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