Heritage Tourism

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Anne, Tina, Blessings

Heritage Tourism is traveling to experience different culture diversity around the world  from the arts, food, fashion and history from past and present. During our trip at the Brooklyn bridge park we were able to learn things from the past and how tourism have evolved throughout the years. Many changes were made for example, before the bridge and the park was build the area was used for trades. Now, the shore have changed and became more modern meaning when visiting the shore it can be a little hard to know the history behind what we are seeing.   Before visiting the shore with the class many of us who has visited it didn’t know the history being it,that the railroads that are on the street were use as a way to transport things around not only food and cotton were being transported but also slaves. When it come to tourism because there are many parts, there are always places for change. Throughout the Brooklyn park having sign on a board or a digital board/app that can show specific places or specific tourism can help individuals learn about where they are and a general background of the area. Heritage Tourism is everywhere whether we see it or not around the Brooklyn bridge it is very diverse, with many Italian restaurant to the Moore street market where many tourists come and get variety food. Arts and architectures from the past are still around and others are able to see and learned about the past. Cultures are being spread everyday with food, arts and interactions between others.

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