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Heritage Tourism

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Heritage Tourism is traveling to experience different culture diversity around the world  from the arts, food, fashion and history from past and present. During our trip at the Brooklyn bridge park we were able to learn things from the past and how tourism have evolved throughout the years. Many changes were made for example, before the bridge and the park was build the area was used for trades. Now, the shore have changed and became more modern meaning when visiting the shore it can be a little hard to know the history behind what we are seeing.   Before visiting the shore with the class many of us who has visited it didn’t know the history being it,that the railroads that are on the street were use as a way to transport things around not only food and cotton were being transported but also slaves. When it come to tourism because there are many parts, there are always places for change. Throughout the Brooklyn park having sign on a board or a digital board/app that can show specific places or specific tourism can help individuals learn about where they are and a general background of the area. Heritage Tourism is everywhere whether we see it or not around the Brooklyn bridge it is very diverse, with many Italian restaurant to the Moore street market where many tourists come and get variety food. Arts and architectures from the past are still around and others are able to see and learned about the past. Cultures are being spread everyday with food, arts and interactions between others.

Hotel Site Visit

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During my visit at the Nomo Soho hotel I had the opportunity to meet with many great individuals and learned how hotels works. we were able to visit many rooms from queen suits, king suits to the pent house. The moment we entered the hotel to the last second everyone at the hotel had great attitudes and were always smiling. The hotel itself was very nice inside out. One of my favorite thing about it was the location, although it was in Manhattan a place that Is suppose to be very noisy and crowded it didn’t feel like that. The surrounding was calm and the hotel itself was fantastic, the beauty and beast theme and color made the hotel stand out from other hotels that I have been to. Not only was I able to go around, I was able to ask the staff questions in different fields and network. One of the things I learned is that customers satisfaction is always important meaning, you always want them to come back and tell others so the way you interact and help customers always matter.

AnneJuneka Etizard

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Finding a career that I think would make me  happy, emotionally and financially was not easy. Hospitality management was something I discovered after realizing I wanted to be a flight attendant. When I started my first semester at City Tech in this major, I didn’t know what to expect and what would become of it but. The people I’ve encountered so far have told me what to expect and the steps I need to take in order to succeed. Throughout this journey, I hope to achieve many things by firstly earning my bachelors degree.
Helping others has always been something that interests me. Over the last few years, I’ve had the opportunity to work in the hospitality field and discovered some of my many strengths. I found myself to be patient, attentive, focused and able to adapt to my surroundings. I believe that in order for a business to work, the customers have to be satisfied, and it all starts with the way We in the hospitality industry treat others. I would like to use the opportunity I have now to continue to grow, strive to do my best and conquer any/ every obstacle that may come my way.