Historic Tourism

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Historic tourism focus in the kind of tourism, where the group of tour emphazises on the history of some places, people, or others events in the past. this type of tourism study and experieces places where historical things occurred. In our group was Sihan, Jinfeng, and Mariano. Base on what we experience on our site visit on Brooklyn Bridge Park and DUMBO was that those places have historical moments that catch our attention. When we were at the Brooklyn Bridge Waterfront, we found out that it used to be the Brookland Ferry Landing from which point the American army to embarked during the night of august 29th 1776s. on the other hand, DUMBO used to be a warehouse where they keep coffee inside until this was abandoned in 1960. Althought, this DUMBO right now become a comercial place, inside DUMBO we found a part of a machine that seeing to be old but didn’t have any information on it.

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