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hotel site visit

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Visiting NoMo hotel was a great opportunity for me to gain experience from the staffs, all the people in that hotel are amazing. Nomo hotel is a  four-star hotel, when we went to the hotel last week, they gave us free breakfast. During the time of visiting, I have a chance to see all the different types of rooms and what amenities they provided for the guests. In the Nomo hotel, they provide a smartphone for their guest, in that phone, people can get a lot of guides. This is my first time going to a four-Star hotel, the relationship between the people in the hotel is very good, so their teamwork is very good. When one of them has encountered difficulties at work, the team will work together to solve the problem. I really like the design of this hotel. There are some parts that are designed like movies “ Beauty and the beast”, with the blue wall color and the big mirror. Inside the room also gives a very comfortable feeling, the scenery outside the room is the best thing during this hotel visit.

JinFeng Lin

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When I graduated from high school I have no idea what career I wanted. So I chose a random major, construction management. But after three months of studying construction management, I don’t think this is my feature career. So I talk to some of my friends and hope to get some advice from them. They told me about jobs in the hotel and I decided to switch to hospitality management. I used to work as a waiter in a restaurant and I like to see the guests have a satisfied face because of our food and our customer service. I’m sure about my career goal is yet, I hope Hospitality management is my future career so I don’t have to change it again.