Deborah Olumide

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When I was a little kid I used to joke about traveling the world, visiting new places, tasting every country’s food and of course taking a whole bunch of pictures. I had a neighbor who travelled to Paris with her son, everyday i’d go over to their house just so I could hear stories about Paris, the kinds of food and all the places they visited. Then I’d go to my room and dream about it ‘ONE DAY I’LL GO TO PARIS’ I said to myself.

After my high school I moved here with my mum and brother. It was beautiful. The whole Africa to America was amazing! The plane adventure and our stop at Casablanca too. Then we arrived, a whole different weather, food, culture and people too. It was the best feeling ever.

Then and there I knew, I just gotta do this, I mean what else am I gonna do? I have to travel to different countries and have as much impact on people as hospitality has had on me. This world is beautiful and I want to see and appreciate every bit of it

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  1. ZhuoPeng Tan

    Traveling around the world is a beautiful thing to do it, I would like to try some local food and take some landscape photos as a souvenir. life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what happen tomorrow, and I hope your Paris dream come true in one day.


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