Alex Chang

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My major is mechanical engineering and finding classes every semester is fairly difficult. Last semester i asked the department councilor how it was nearly impossible to add a required class and it simply came down to how the engineering major is overpopulated and if you aren’t applying to classes the day it opens you probably wont have many choices. However, the classes i have been able to get into have been fun and i enjoy using the machines and programs provided in class, specifically programs like Autocad. My goal is to work in the automotive community or work for Lexus. The only experience i have of hospitality management was in freshman year when a peer presented a speech about her experience in working at a high end restaurant and how it was her job to read their emotions and atmosphere which would influence her actions i.e., if a couple is on a date and they seem to be enjoying themselves, she might offer desert or wine to prolong their stay, but if they are in a rush or maybe the date went wrong, she would ask if they wanted the check instead. I chose this class as an elective and i don’t really have any idea of what hospitality management is but, i hope i catch on quick and learn a lot. 

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