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1101 Final Reflection-Patrick Redmond

Final Reflection English 1101
Due with final portfolio
1000 words

For the final assignment of the semester, you will be reflecting on the progress that you made as a writer during the class. Essentially, your paper will answer:

1. What have you learned about yourself as a reader and writer this semester?
2. How will you be able to transfer the knowledge that you have gained in the class to other writing situations?

To begin this assignment, look back through everything you have written so far in the semester and arrange it from beginning to end. This will allow you to see the progress that you have made as a writer. I then want you to consider the following questions to help you brainstorm your writing:

• How would you compare/contrast work done early on in the semester to now?
• What was your favorite/least favorite assignment and why?
• What are some notable lessons or discussions that have stuck with you after completing certain assignments?
• What has changed in your writing, reading, and critical thinking as you composed in different genres?
• How has your early assumptions/beliefs about yourself and writing changed over the semester?
• What has revision taught you?

You do not have to answer every one of these questions. These are simply meant to help you shake loose some ideas. I do not want your papers to just be a list of answers to these questions, but a fully formed essay. Think about what are the strongest points you want to develop in the reflection. What is most important to tell your reader about your progress?

I will use the rubric that I have used throughout the semester however these are the main things that I will be looking for:

1. That it is the correct length: The Reflection should be at least 1000 words and you will have points taken off if it does not reach the word limit.

2. That you are conscious of the audience that you are writing towards: Make sure that you write an article about what you’ve learned. It should be written and organized in a way that speaks to an audience like we have talked about in class.

3. That you have supporting evidence and thorough analysis. If you tell me you learned something about yourself as a writer, show me proof! By proof, I specifically mean quotes from your own writing. All reflections should have at least three quotes from your own writing this semester. And, as usual, don’t just drop those quotes in there, make sure you explain why that passage is important to your readers

**Note** No late paper will be accepted and I will not give extensions since it is the end of the semester.