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Jerry Won Lee

Hi everyone.  For next week, please read “Beyond Translingualism” by Jerry Won Lee HERE. We’ll be spending the first half of PD discussing his proposals for assessment and how we might revise them so that they are user-friendly for adjuncts teaching multiple courses.  We’ll spend the second half of the session working on commenting on student essays using minimal marking strategies.

We’ll be meeting on Monday March 2 and Thursday March 5

Bad Ideas About Grammar

Hello everyone! These are our readings for next time (Thursday Feb 20 and Monday Feb 24). They’re both from BAD IDEAS ABOUT WRITING. Keep in mind the titles are both “bad ideas” which the authors seek to disprove. The first is “Teaching Grammar Improves Writing” and the second is “There is One Correct Way of Writing and Speaking.” We’ll discuss them in depth when we speak. They’re both suitable for students.  I’ve attached both below.

The Thursday group will also have a guest speaker, Lubie Alatriste. She’s a linguist, as well as the head of our ELL dept.

Please sign up for the dropbox, which Christine Choi sent you an email about. This will serve as our repository for assignment ideas, unit drafts and a place for you guys to put articles you find useful.

Download (PDF, 151KB)

Download (PDF, 89KB)

Claiming Dropbox Account


During the Winter Institute, I mentioned to everyone that we’re going to be claiming out CUNY Dropbox accounts in order to have faculty submit their portfolios.

Claiming the dropbox account is easy. All it requires is using your CunyFirst username and password. Go to the following link and claim your account. Once you have, please leave a comment below letting me/us know that you have. This way, we’ll be able to share important folders with you.

Claiming Your Dropbox Account Is Now Easier! (On the bottom left, click the button that says, “Log into Dropbox.” Then type in your CunyFirst credentials to log in on the next page.)