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For next week!

Hi everyone!

Just a reminder that Jackie’s great post about breakout rooms, as well as some other resources, are HERE on the FYW website.

So, next week, our meeting will be asynchronous.  It will be a bit of a two-parter.  We will have a reading (on Perusall) and then a blog post, here on this site.  Instructions for joining Perusall and posting on OpenLab are below, should you need a refresher.  The reading and blog post should be done by Thursday, March 4 at 11:59 pm:

The reading, as we discussed in last week’s meeting is “Navigating Genres”  by Kerry Dirk.  This is a reading assigned to students in the 1101 curriculum, and is a seminal text explaining genre theory.  For the reading portion of our assignment, we’ll just comment where we are interested, confused, take umbrage, etc… I’d also like us to converse with each other– that is, you can comment on each other’s comments, either just by commenting below, or by using the @ sign (aka @carriehall)

Then, here on OpenLab, write a blog post (I’m guesstimating about 300 words here, but that’s up to you) in which you reflect upon the Dirk article: How do you feel about it? What did you learn from it?  How do you think your students might feel about it?  How do you feel about teaching genre awareness in 1101?

You will need to check a category to post.  Use category: 1101 Unit 1

Part two: 

Sometime between March 4 and March 10 (apologies– this previously said March 11.  We will meet March 10!), when we meet again on Zoom, please do 2 things:

  1. Read people’s OpenLab blog posts.  You can comment if you want!
  2. Read and annotate the (very short) article from Bad Ideas About Writing on Perusall) entitled “Research Starts with a Thesis Statement.”

To join our Perusall site (if you haven’t already,) go to and join.  It will ask you for a course code to join.  Ours is: HALL-G6ZRH.  You will find the readings under “assignments.” 

To post a blog post on this site, you must first have joined this site. This requires that you are a member of Open Lab and that you have joined this site (click “join this site” under the image on the project profile page).  HERE is some help regarding posting on Open Lab.

Note: I will send you an email with a link to our zoom recording from last week.  I don’t want to post it publicly.

Welcome to Professional Development!

Hi everyone– and welcome to the professional development.  To take part in the PD this semester, you will need to attend the bulk of our Wednesday 4-5 pm meetings.  If you can’t do that, you can take the PD in a different semester (which is fine!)  Let me know if you won’t be able to make this time slot.

If you want to meet with me, please email me at:

You will also do a bit of reading, writing and lesson planning for this PD, all of which will take place on this site.  To do this, you’ll need to join– so please do so as soon as you can!  At the end of the semester, you will submit a series of in-class or homework assignments, or a new unit that fits with the pedagogy you’re learning here.  We’ll discuss (and maybe tweak) this more as we go.

We’ll meet again next Wednesday, Feb 24 at 4 pm to go over the 1101 Model Course Syllabus as a whole, and also to talk about engaging ways to use breakout rooms.  To prepare, please:

  • Join this site!
  • Familiarize yourself with the Model Course Hub, and skim through the “1101 Model Course Outline Revised for Spring.”  I will attach the outline below.
  • Sign up for  To do this, you will go to and go to the login page.  Once you are signed in to the site (you will need to set up an account,) it will ask you for a course code.  The code for this course is: HALL-G6ZRH. We will start to use Perusall next week.  

Our tentative schedule for the semester is as follows (note: we will use the same zoom link all semester) :

  • Feb 24 ZOOM Overview of 1101, specific discussion of Unit One. Discussion of effective use of breakout rooms
  • March 3 will be an asynchronous meeting (continued discussion of genre and research– 1101 model course pedagogy )
  • March 10 ZOOM we’ll meet – discussion of Units 2 and 3 1101 curriculum
  • March 17  asynch: discussion of final portfolios and readings about research on Perusall.
  • March 24 asynchronous.  Begin to discuss “Discourse Communities” and 1121 Syllabus.
  • April 7 ZOOM Tentatively: discussion of linguistic diversity
  • April 14 asynch: mentor texts
  • April 21 ZOOM 1121 Unit 2
  • April 28 asynch: teaching multimodal writing
  • May 5 ZOOM 1121 Unit 3
  • May 12 LAST ZOOM
  • units or assignments due by May 28
  1. Download (DOCX, 893KB)