Monthly Archives: November 2020

Discourse Communities!

Hi everyone.  We haven’t been doing much on the website– but now we’re back– after a VERY WILD weekend.  For this week’s virtual meeting, please read “Understanding Discourse Communities”  and then post a response to it on this website.  I believe you are all members of this site, but if you are having trouble posting, do let me know.

Respond to the article in any way you’d like: what did you take away from it, learn from it, find difficult, disagree with, think you could use in your teaching, feel you could do without, have questions about etc… If you like, respond with the units for the 1121 model courses (all of which are designed around discourse communities in mind.) Please write this response by Thursday, Nov 12.

By Sunday, Nov 15, please respond to at least two of your peers’ posts– again, however you’d like.  I just would like us to continue this conversation.  (For the record– I’m making this purposely open-ended for our PD, but if I were teaching, say, Freshman Comp, I would give more rigid guidelines for responding, generally)

On Monday, Nov 16, we will meet again on the Zoom, and will be joined by Robert Leston, who will be talking to us about “mentor texts.”  In order to prepare for this conversation, please take a look at this NYT article on mentor texts.

You may also want to look at this compendium of mentor texts, which is less COVID focused. It is an extremely useful resource!