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Summer 2020 PD Participants

Hi everyone!  So, for our Zoom meeting on Aug 5, please do the following by 6 pm on August 4. Please note I prefer not to post the Zoom link publicly, so please email me ( if you need the zoom link:

  2. Watch THIS video of me talking you through the intro to the curriculum.  Link to the pictured slideshow is HERE
  3. Write a blog post on this site in which you:
    • Introduce yourself! Who are you, what is your teaching experience, how do you feel about teaching online?
    • Tell us one thing you do in the first weeks of online class to create a sense of engagement and community.  If you have not taught online, please let us know something that has worked for you in F2F classes
    • Respond to the following questions from Kerry Dirk (approx 300 words): What is a genre of writing you know well? What are the rules of that genre? How did you learn them?

You will need to be signed in to the FYW PD site to post!

I will send you information about the model site ASAP.


Hello Summer/ Fall 2020 PD Participants!  And what a year this is!

If you haven’t already, please accept my invitation to join this site.  You’ll need to do that in order to post here.

And keep an eye on the site.  After our “template site” goes live (that is, the course we’ll be teaching next semester,) I will post a link to it here, along with some info about our first writing task for August.

If you’re teaching in a Learning Community (I am!) don’t worry, it won’t be hard to make this curriculum work with your course.  You and I can chat about that.

My email is, if you should have any questions.  And I look forward to seeing you soon!