Teaching Resource Links

What follows is a list of off-campus teaching resources: 


Curricular and lesson planning resources:

The Inkwell: A bank of writing exercises from Florida State University

The Purdue OWL:You probably know this one: The Purdue Online Writing Lab. This is a good online grammar guide– and they now have added resources for teaching online.

Sweetland Center for Writing: This site has it all!  There are tons of resources here, from grammar help, to plagiarism resources, to scaffolding, to multimodal help.  Be sure to check it out.

Online textbooks:

Bad Ideas About Writing: An open source textbook with short, accessible readings about common writing misconceptions. Very accessible to both students and instructors.

Personal, Accessible, Responsive, Strategic: Resources and Strategies for Online Writing Instructors: This online book is quite helpful for faculty designing online courses in a personable, accessible way.

Writing Spaces: Volume 2 and Volume 3: These Open Source Textbooks both are extremely helpful resources for both students and faculty in considering rhetorical awareness, discourse community, reflection and teaching for transfer!

Student Journals/ Essay Examples:

Jump+: The Journal for Undergrad Multimedia Projects: A journal for excellent undergrad multimodal work. A great place to find examples, or ask for student submissions

Sonic Society: The best in new audio drama

Stylus: A journal of first year writing from the University of Central Florida (submissions limited to UCF students)