Director, Dr. Carrie Hall. chall@citytech.cuny.edu.

Hi everyone, and welcome back to Spring 2021!  We have a few updates to the site in order to support you. First of all, all the model courses have been updated (with suggestions for in-class activities). For info, click on the graphic below.  

Also, last semester, we started a weekly (or sometimes semi-weekly) blog, in which we discuss topics that may be of interest to you– especially teaching online during a pandemic.  We’ve also updated our “Online Teaching” section of this website (see above).  It contains some info from these blogs as well as other information and handouts to help you with your teaching this semester. 

Lastly, you’ll find annotated syllabi under both the 1101 and 1121 headings (above), along with syllabus checklists. These are templates for the syllabus and are not required, but they do outline the suggestions and requirements.  We will be reviewing all syllabi this semester to evaluate the FYW program as a whole so that we might promote consistency across FYW sections, create a clear trajectory from 1101 to 1121 and to develop suggestions for the department going forward. The template and checklist gives you some idea of what we’ll be looking for! 

Zoom Office Hours (please see email or email me for zoom info):

  • Mon Jan 25 10 AM
  • Weds Jan 27 12 PM



To access the FYW Mainstream Model Courses and support materials, click the image above. 

There are additional materials to help you plan your teaching in the dropdown menu labelled “online resources.” In the menu above. Stay tuned for more info about Zoom office hours and other help from the Office of FYW,

For the 1101-Corequisite Model Course, click HERE

Please also keep an eye on the FYW Blog, where we’ll be talking about tips for engagement and teaching online.