Director, Dr. Carrie Hall. chall@citytech.cuny.edu.

Hi everyone, and welcome back to Fall 2021!  We have a few updates to the site in order to support you. First of all, all the model courses have been updated (with suggestions for in-class activities). For info, see the bottom of this page. 

Also, and very importantly, we’ve instituted required syllabus templates for the teaching of ENG 1101 and 1121. There is still room for your own language and curricula, but we need to use a template that is accessible, as well as one that contains all CUNY and City Tech policies and requirements.¬† Because these are formatted to be properly read by a screen reader, please enter your information into a copy of the appropriate template below:

Note: We sent out copies in MS Word as well. Also please take the time to read the annotations, noting that anything in italics is sample language and can be changed, while anything not in italics is required text and should not be modified. 

Also, last year, we started a weekly (or sometimes semi-weekly) blog, in which we discuss topics that may be of interest to you– especially teaching online during a pandemic.¬† We’ve also updated our “Online Teaching” section of this website (see above).¬† It contains some info from these blogs as well as other information and handouts to help you with your teaching this semester.¬†

Some people have been asking specifically about perusall, an online annotation program.¬† We’ll be holding workshops to help with it early in the semester, but I’ve put together a few (very ad hoc) videos HERE to explain how it works!

I’ve also made Unit One overview videos for the Model Courses if they would be helpful for you.¬† Here is the overview for Unit One ENG 1101 (Comp 1) and here is the overview for Unit One 1121 (Comp 2)¬†

Zoom Office Hours :

For Fall of 2021, I will be holding Zoom office hours on Tuesdays at 10-11 AM and on Wednesdays at 3:30-4:30¬† pm, including this Weds Aug 25.¬† I am also available to schedule other meetings¬† if those times don’t work for you.¬† I will send out an email with zoom links don’t work for you.

We will also be holding workshops regarding model courses, perusall and other educational technologies in the second week of the semester. Stay posted for dates! 



To access the FYW Courses and support materials, click the image above. 

Please also keep an eye on the FYW Blog, where we’ll be talking about tips for engagement and teaching online.¬†¬†