Spring 2020–Resources for Teaching During the Coronavirus

Director, Dr. Carrie Hall. chall@citytech.cuny.edu. Office Hours (reachable by email and available for phone or video consultation) Monday 11-5, Tuesday 10-1, Thursday 11-5 or by appt. 

Associate Director, Dr. Christine Choi. cchoi@citytech.cuny.edu.Office Hours (reachable by email and available for phone or video consultation) Tuesday 1-4, Wednesday 1-4 or by appt. 

Further down on this page, or on the dropdown marked “Spring 2020,” see resources for teaching during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Please see the Zoom Room in the dropdown menu for drop-in meetings with other faculty to discuss teaching at this difficult time. 

Please see the FYW blog on the dropdown menu for weekly discussion forums for faculty on teaching during the COVID-19 outbreak. __________________________________________________________________


This page is meant to provide you some assistance in designing and maintaining your online courses in what is an unprecedented and difficult time. “Assignment Ideas” even has some full units and full syllabi you can use if you want to. If you need extra assistance with course or design or anything else involving instruction, please contact either Carrie Hall or Christine Choi (above.) Remember, we’re in this together– and it’s our job to help you, so please ask!  

Thank you to Baruch College’s website: “Distance Learning: Baruch Spring 2020,” from which many of these ideas (and much of this text) was taken.

This info is also found in the Spring 2020 dropdown menu above