Office Hours: 

  • Dr. Mazumdar, Wednesdays 1-2 PM, or by appt via Zoom (email for link)
  • Dr. Hall, Thursdays 12-1 PM , Namm 511, or by appt. 


We are excited to announce a new initiative to improve retention and engagement in writing courses. For more info, click the link below. To sign up for the 4-hour workshops (paid for adjuncts), fill out this Google Form! 

Please share our new first year writing skills website with your students. This site has countless assignments and resources to help students not only with sentence-level and paper-wide skills, but also the skills necessary for student success. 


We’ve updated the model courses to make them more readable. We’ve also added a few choices of assignments and samples of student work. Remember that the model courses are not required, but they do fulfill the departmental learning outcomes (which are required!) Feel free to contact the office of FYW if you have any questions about the model courses! 

To access the FYW Courses and support materials, click the image above. 

Remember that we’ve instituted required syllabus templates for the teaching of ENG 1101 and 1121. There is still room for your own language and curricula, but we need to use a template that is accessible, as well as one that contains all CUNY and City Tech policies and requirements.  Because these are formatted to be properly read by a screen reader, please enter your information into a copy of the appropriate template below:

Note: Be aware of the comments. You do not need to use everything in these documents verbatim. The language in italics can be changed. The language not in italics is departmental, college or university policy and must be kept as is.