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Claiming Dropbox Account


During the Winter Institute, I mentioned to everyone that we’re going to be claiming out CUNY Dropbox accounts in order to have faculty submit their portfolios.

Claiming the dropbox account is easy. All it requires is using your CunyFirst username and password. Go to the following link and claim your account. Once you have, please leave a comment below letting me/us know that you have. This way, we’ll be able to share important folders with you.

Claiming Your Dropbox Account Is Now Easier!聽(On the bottom left, click the button that says, “Log into Dropbox.” Then type in your CunyFirst credentials to log in on the next page.)



Portfolio Materials

Hey Everyone,

Some things promised from the last meeting;

  1. Here’s the Ed White Phase 2 article I was discussing. Worth the read.
  2. Here’s the Institute Guide that I reminded you of. The guidelines for the reflection paper for the portfolio suggest three things:
    • Students should address change as readers, writers, and learners.
    • Students should document their changes by referencing specifics from the course.
    • They should look backwards, inwards, outwards, and forwards to address the issue of transfer.
  3. Here are four sample final reflection portfolio assignments.
  4. Here’s a sample Portfolio of 12k words, but please note that it does not reflect the current changes in the curriculum.