My Weasly sketches wouldn’t upload. But the digital PDF they are there. So basically for my designs, I wanted to center the design with things that symbolize the main three characters. Of course I wanted to use Harry Potter icon glasses and scar. Hermonie is a witch and she’s smart. And of course I wanted to use the crown to symbolize the loyalty that Ron has towards Harry.

Step 3 > Develop


OVERALL: Grabbing the attention of people who are a burst of energy, fun, have a love for adventure, diversity, joy, positivity, carnival, The Amazon and our planet, while toning it down a notch. They are not gravitated toward the loud and bright ALL yellow collection of SOL de Janeiro. They are buyers of the product for the smells and quality. They can still relate and connect with the brand because they love nature and being under the sun. 


Ainsley is 22 years old, born in 1999. After a recent break up she has become closer with her friends and family, particularly her grandma. They have many similarities, given their age difference. They share a love for painting but disagree on color palette. Ainsley loves green, blue and purples while her grandma loves yellow, oranges and blues. When Aisnley learned her grandma was color blinded and only able to see blues and yellows, she had a new appreciation for the color yellow. 

SOL de Janeiro is a brand that prides themselves on diversity and joy, both of which have no age limit. Ainsley learned about this company and bought the products for her grandma to feel youthful and smell good but also because she thought maybe her grandma would be able to see the packaging (One from the bar soap line I am creating incorporates yellow but also adds additional colors).

On the outside Ainsley is usually quiet, but for those that know her it’s only around strangers. Once comfortable she can’t stop talking, singing, and laughing. Outgoing, creative, kind, and energetic, is how her friends would describe her. 

She does not hate Mondays, but setting goals and routines for herself allows her to handle the pressure of each week. To help manage the week’s stress most Mondays she wakes up early to shower. She listens to music that has a faster paced beat. Morning showers prepare her for the day as well as washes away last week’s pressure. Regularly she blasts music as she showers, getting lost in the lyrics or the beat. Afternoon showers usually are weekends or on her days off. Her hobbies besides art include dance, playing tennis, biking and going to the gym. Afternoon showers come in handy after cycling or heading to the gym. Some nights she uses showers to unwind and relax, other nights like Thirsty Thursday, Fucked up Fridays and Sometimes Saturdays, she uses pop music to amp herself up before hitting clubs, house parties or hanging with friends. 

Ainsley dresses  boho chic. Her style is inspired by Vanessa Hudgens. Items inside Ainsley’s closet include free-flowing fabrics, distressed denim, bell bottoms, athleisure, boots, birkenstock sandals, bucket hats, blazers, sneakers, heels, fringed cloth with bold patterns, and a wide range of white, black and neutrals to pair with color. Sometimes she purchases clothing made from natural materials. 

She has natural material as decor in her home. Her dream home would have exposed beams. But she currently lives in a NYC one bedroom apartment in the east village. The bohemian style is inspired by those who lead an individualistic and out of the ordinary life such as writers, artists, and other free-spirited creatives alike. Ainsley’s apartment decor is a home for her plants, and some vintage furniture with light stained wood. She has white string lights and textured pillows to bring a comfy ambience. Her two favorite plants are Monstera and Calatheas but the ‘medallion’, but she has a Devils Ivy (Pythos) in her kitchen. 

Are there fragrances and textures connected with this experience?

All the fragrances are inspired by the Amazon Rainforest.

Morning  |  The bar soap line I am designing for SOL de Janerio is inspired by their signature Brazilian Bum Bum Cream. The scent I came up with for the mornings is orange, pistachio, and pineapple. 

Ainsley prefers to use Regardless Bar Soap in the mornings. It is a great way for her to bring vibrance into the Monday routine regardless of the day / week she had. The soap is also using the ultra-fine sugar crystals and crushed cupuaçu seeds that the original Bum Bum Cream uses. 

Afternoon  |  After biking, dance, tennis or the gym Ainsley uses Love or Lust. The soap is an exfoliant to really remove dead skin and sweat after physical activities. 

Night  |   At night time no matter a bath or a shower Ainsley likes to use Bad Habits. The texture is smooth with no seeds or exfoliant beads. Because she likes routine before going out with friends or inviting them over for a night in, she always gets herself ready for the night with the fragrance of avocado, guava and passion flower. 

3 songs  |  Based on 3 times of day, Morning, Afternoon and Night

Morning  |  RAYE, Rudimental – Regardless – Orange + Pineapple + Pistachio 

Afternoon  |  24kGoldn – Love or Lust – Canary Melon + Acai Berry + Coconut

Evening  |  Ed Sheeran – Bad Habits [Joel Corry Remix] – Avocado + Guava + Passion Flower


  1. The first one is for the target consumer Ainsley and brand feel
  2. Rebranding Morning, Afternoon and Night soap wrappers.
Target Consumer Ainsley and Brand feel
Rebranding – Morning, Afternoon and Night

Jose sandoval

I went to the rite aid by my house. It was pretty much empty. I think that’s a good thing, it means people are cleaning themselves with soap lol. I really liked the ivory soap bar. I think that it was a pretty simple design, I love the bubbles and the overall composition of the packaging. Ivory soap – So, what makes Ivory soap unique? Well, what made it unique in 1879 was it FLOATED. This was an important property to people back in this time period who bathed in rivers and lakes. If your soap fell, it would sink and you might never see it again. But if your soap floated, you never had to worry!From the beginning, Ivory soap represented value. People knew when they purchased a bar of Ivory soap it would be good quality each time.  I picked this Soap because I love that floating aspect, and it would go great with my Harry Potter theme.

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Why do people sing in the shower?

When you sing you are taking deep breaths, exhales and inhales, which improves blood circulation. In terms of breathing, it’s almost like a meditation session. Weirdly enough when you sing you are not necessarily thinking about life’s pressures. 

 It is science that when you relax your brain releases dopamine, which can give your creative juice a jump start. 

The stress literally washes off of you. Warm water feels good on your body if you have aches. Cold water is great to shock you awake and it is actually better for your skin. 

Showers for many people is the only time they are alone. Showers are usually small spaces that provide privacy. Not to mention the bathroom has the best acoustics.  

What are the emotions connected to singing in the shower?

It depends on the song. The lyrics can be sad and relatable or upbeat and relatable. Songs are more powerful when a person feels an emotional connection. You can feel safe, sad, confused, content, understood, happy and other emotions depending on a person’s life situation.

What does the experience of bathing bring? 

When I think of the word bathing I think bath first before shower. For me bathing is associated with being a child and playing in the tub. As an adult it should be romantic and enjoyable. I associate baths with needing time to actually lay down, light candles and play music. Whereas showers for me are more common and necessary. 

But the overall bathing experience is tranquil.

I wonder if it has to do with being conceived. Many women have water births and according to the American Pregnancy Association one of the benefits to water births is that the water seems to reduce stress-related hormones, allowing the mother’s body to produce endorphins which serve as pain-inhibitors.

What are the cultural, social and religious meanings of bathing? 

Water in baptisms are seen as an act of trust, purification, and protection. 

1500 B.C Egyptians believed those that were clean and applied cosmetics were closer to God, and would assist them on their way to the afterlife. 

When researching I found it interesting that the catholic church in the 1340s and 50s had no understanding of germs and believed open pores would allow diseases to enter their body. They shunned bathhouses and labeled them as dens of sin and sex. 

In the Western world, the bubonic plague had scared people from being in water, but Eastern countries and religions still maintained unbroken standards for hygiene and cleanliness.

 In 1351, King Edward III purchased hot and cold taps of water to be provided for his personal bathtub at Westminster Palace.

The 18th and 19th centuries; is when people started taking health more seriously. Previously doctors didn’t even wash their hands before surgery. Ignaz Semmelweis’ findings on germs in the late 1800s is the reason washing hands became a requirement. Semmelweis discovered no midwives ever participated in autopsies or dissections. Students and physicians regularly went between autopsies and deliveries, rarely washing their hands in between. Semmelweis had his department wash their hands in a bowl of chloride solution to sterilize. He was proven correct because puerperal fever and death totals dropped by the end of the year. However his research was not yet accepted.

Gloves were not common in hospitals or surgeries until late in the 19th century. 

Is there a spiritual, psychological feeling? Physical? 

The ancient Greeks were the first to develop showers. They had a concept of hygiene because water flowed through led pipes and out over people’s heads. The Romans took the idea and expanded to bathhouses. 

What I found interesting was how bathhouses were originally seen as a shared ritual to build human connection and community whereas now we see it as a private occasion. At first I was taken back by this. For the most part people are conservitive.

Anime culture has reinforced the theory of bathehouses being used for human connection and community. My Hero Academia uses bathhouses for women and men as a reward for their hard work and training. The movie Spirited Away uses a bathhouse as the main location of the movie. 

Is it a pleasant experience? A happy one? Or…? Is it a ritual? Habit? Necessity?

As a child it might not be a happy experience but it can be made fun with toys! No matter the age I think it is a necessity.

Ritual can be seen in two ways, if you are a person that likes schedules and has a set time of day you prefer to shower that can be seen as a ritual. But ritual in a religious aspect has tradition as a child and as an adult you can make the choice.  

It should be a habit and necessity. We do need to wash away the germs on our skins.