Creative Brief Guidelines



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Creative Brief 

Marketing Objective(?)
What is the overarching marketing goal that supports the business objective (e.g., increase preference, drive conversion (sales), increase frequency, brand awareness)?
What are the social and industry-specific factors that may affect this campaign?
Communications Challenge(?)
In the form of a question, frame the opportunity and the change we’d like to affect in the audience’s relationship with the brand.
Who are the people that we want to address with this communication? What are their habits, tastes, and lifestyles?
Cultural Insight(?)
What unique audience attributes (attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs) can we leverage to make this communication culturally relevant? To what extent does cultural identity play a role in decision-making?
Core Desire(?)
The culmination of the Audience and the Cultural Insight.   What is the most powerful human desire the brand can fulfill?
Brand Idea(?)
The overarching statement of what the brand stands for.
What is the main idea that we must communicate to spark the intended Response?

Reasons to Believe (?)
What can the brand get credit for (specific benefits, attributes, brand truths, etc.) that will make the Stimulus believable? 
Response (?)
A statement that captures the intended reaction to the Stimulus.
Measures of Success(?)
What metrics will we use to measure the campaign effectiveness against the stated Objective?
What are the creative requirements?
Deliverables and Timing(?)
What do we need to create? Schedule and timeline.