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Joseph A- my packaging design target audience project 2, step 4 just in case

My target audience choice will be for environmentalists. Environmentalists are people who care for the environment. As everybody, including myself should know. They love caring about well..everything surrounding us humans. That’s their personality and style, and what they care about the most. The age range should be 18 to 39 year olds. Another part which contributes to the characteristics of an environmentalist is being agreeable and conscientious. They are agreeable in terms of like finding people’s statements valid and factual. Conscientious people like these types of individuals just do what is right and smart. They are also honest and humble. That means they will tell the truth when they need to. Followed by them being submissive and not arguing to anyone else working with them and their outside habitat. They wouldn’t even disrespect their territory like that. As far as i know.

For example: this fake person’s name is brian, he’s an environmentalist. He is 22 years old. He’s skinny, 6″3. He works at a company called Global care, monday to friday every week. When he’s not working, he plays baseball, football, basketball and hockey. Most of the time he’s good at each of those sports. Sometimes he’s not too great and a because of the job he works out. He’s agreeable and pretty respectful every time when he’s with his parents and 3 siblings. AKA well..his family. He’s even conscientious about his environment because he loves hiking. He still does it. Brian has loved to hike ever since he was a little kid. His personality is kind, caring. His favorite place to have a vacation is in Minnesota. He loves wearing clothes from old navy, hot topic, sears and some other stores like that. He also loves getting clothes, that are designed based on nature.