Jose sandoval

I went to the rite aid by my house. It was pretty much empty. I think that’s a good thing, it means people are cleaning themselves with soap lol. I really liked the ivory soap bar. I think that it was a pretty simple design, I love the bubbles and the overall composition of the packaging. Ivory soap – So, what makes Ivory soap unique? Well, what made it unique in 1879 was it FLOATED. This was an important property to people back in this time period who bathed in rivers and lakes. If your soap fell, it would sink and you might never see it again. But if your soap floated, you never had to worry!From the beginning, Ivory soap represented value. People knew when they purchased a bar of Ivory soap it would be good quality each time.  I picked this Soap because I love that floating aspect, and it would go great with my Harry Potter theme.

One thought on “Jose sandoval

  1. joseph asimeng

    All of this looks pretty good, because it seems like you put some pretty decent info into this. Pretty good choices too.

    another reason is because it serves as what we need to know for what were looking at within your choices

    Your choices can be for something that you can also take to your future classes if possible and then your future graphic design workplace.

    just so you know, i don’t even know why the store would stack it like that, from the shelf impact but oh well


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