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P2- Step 1 -Discover

I chose two tea brands for this project. The BIGELOW French vanilla and the CELESTIAL Caramel Apple tea boxes. Both boxes have unique designs but they’re effective. The BIGELOW tea box has a very classic sleek design. It sticks to a very minimal color format which differentiates it from the other tea boxes. What I was most interested in is the design of the box. It has a latch opening with a closing tab making it very convenient. The CELESTIAL Caramel Apple uses a big well drawn image as an attention grabber but also uses a typography forward design on the rest of the box.

Jose sandoval

I picked the Brand Tipton to redesign.The placing Of the product was in an awkard position in the bottom. I thought it blended in with the rest of the coffe and tea. Most Tea brands look the same anyways, which was actually a finally thing i realized. They all go for this kind of overly photo used of images to get their products to be the main focus

Step 1 – Discover

For lipton I had found a couple things questionable. The bright yellow packaging, the iced teaas the stamp for their black tea. the use of red and the reason for constant repititiveness for recyclying and heart benefits. The labeling all around the box was filler once i began reading and studying the box. there was no point to have the same information wrapped around the entire box. As for bigelow, the box was clear and straight forward therefore I did not further investigate since everything was well thought out and relative to the tea and branding.

Joseph A- project 2- tea box shelf impact with picture

The shelf impact shown here in this image
The 2nd shelf impact image shown here

So basically, the shelf impact i’d say was good. There were definitely some other tea products. With it and surrounding it. As shown on the two photos. But all i gotta say is that, it’s still pretty good. Based on my belief about it. I can’t think of anything that doesn’t work right here. It seems to me that everything is where it needs to be. In that way its just straight up organized.