My Weasly sketches wouldn’t upload. But the digital PDF they are there. So basically for my designs, I wanted to center the design with things that symbolize the main three characters. Of course I wanted to use Harry Potter icon glasses and scar. Hermonie is a witch and she’s smart. And of course I wanted to use the crown to symbolize the loyalty that Ron has towards Harry.

One thought on “Sketches|Concepts

  1. joseph asimeng

    All of this looks pretty good, because it seems like you put some pretty decent composition and other info into this. So therefore, we now know what we’re supposed to be looking at. from your design sketches.

    another reason is because it serves as what we need to know for what were looking at within your design sketches

    Your design sketches can be for something that you can also take to your future classes if possible and then your future graphic design workplace. As something you can implement for something else you’ll be asked to create

    also for the dieline layout(which is your 1st image), i think you’re supposed to put that on dropbox too. Because i think she said that before, if i’m not mistaken. you can do that if you wanna do that. if you’re not goona attempt it then alright. that’s on you. and oh well, that’s pretty much fine.


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