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Why do people sing in the shower?

When you sing you are taking deep breaths, exhales and inhales, which improves blood circulation. In terms of breathing, it’s almost like a meditation session. Weirdly enough when you sing you are not necessarily thinking about life’s pressures. 

 It is science that when you relax your brain releases dopamine, which can give your creative juice a jump start. 

The stress literally washes off of you. Warm water feels good on your body if you have aches. Cold water is great to shock you awake and it is actually better for your skin. 

Showers for many people is the only time they are alone. Showers are usually small spaces that provide privacy. Not to mention the bathroom has the best acoustics.  

What are the emotions connected to singing in the shower?

It depends on the song. The lyrics can be sad and relatable or upbeat and relatable. Songs are more powerful when a person feels an emotional connection. You can feel safe, sad, confused, content, understood, happy and other emotions depending on a person’s life situation.

What does the experience of bathing bring? 

When I think of the word bathing I think bath first before shower. For me bathing is associated with being a child and playing in the tub. As an adult it should be romantic and enjoyable. I associate baths with needing time to actually lay down, light candles and play music. Whereas showers for me are more common and necessary. 

But the overall bathing experience is tranquil.

I wonder if it has to do with being conceived. Many women have water births and according to the American Pregnancy Association one of the benefits to water births is that the water seems to reduce stress-related hormones, allowing the mother’s body to produce endorphins which serve as pain-inhibitors.

What are the cultural, social and religious meanings of bathing? 

Water in baptisms are seen as an act of trust, purification, and protection. 

1500 B.C Egyptians believed those that were clean and applied cosmetics were closer to God, and would assist them on their way to the afterlife. 

When researching I found it interesting that the catholic church in the 1340s and 50s had no understanding of germs and believed open pores would allow diseases to enter their body. They shunned bathhouses and labeled them as dens of sin and sex. 

In the Western world, the bubonic plague had scared people from being in water, but Eastern countries and religions still maintained unbroken standards for hygiene and cleanliness.

 In 1351, King Edward III purchased hot and cold taps of water to be provided for his personal bathtub at Westminster Palace.

The 18th and 19th centuries; is when people started taking health more seriously. Previously doctors didn’t even wash their hands before surgery. Ignaz Semmelweis’ findings on germs in the late 1800s is the reason washing hands became a requirement. Semmelweis discovered no midwives ever participated in autopsies or dissections. Students and physicians regularly went between autopsies and deliveries, rarely washing their hands in between. Semmelweis had his department wash their hands in a bowl of chloride solution to sterilize. He was proven correct because puerperal fever and death totals dropped by the end of the year. However his research was not yet accepted.

Gloves were not common in hospitals or surgeries until late in the 19th century. 

Is there a spiritual, psychological feeling? Physical? 

The ancient Greeks were the first to develop showers. They had a concept of hygiene because water flowed through led pipes and out over people’s heads. The Romans took the idea and expanded to bathhouses. 

What I found interesting was how bathhouses were originally seen as a shared ritual to build human connection and community whereas now we see it as a private occasion. At first I was taken back by this. For the most part people are conservitive.

Anime culture has reinforced the theory of bathehouses being used for human connection and community. My Hero Academia uses bathhouses for women and men as a reward for their hard work and training. The movie Spirited Away uses a bathhouse as the main location of the movie. 

Is it a pleasant experience? A happy one? Or…? Is it a ritual? Habit? Necessity?

As a child it might not be a happy experience but it can be made fun with toys! No matter the age I think it is a necessity.

Ritual can be seen in two ways, if you are a person that likes schedules and has a set time of day you prefer to shower that can be seen as a ritual. But ritual in a religious aspect has tradition as a child and as an adult you can make the choice.  

It should be a habit and necessity. We do need to wash away the germs on our skins. 

Research/target audience

Why do people sing in the shower? 

  • Bathroom tiles don’t absorb sound, your voice bounces back and forth around the room before fading away. And because the shower is a small space, it boosts your voice and even adds a little bass, making your singing sound more powerful.

What are the emotions connected to singing in the shower?

  • We don’t sing in the shower simply because we have a song stuck in our heads. It turns out we do it for many reasons: stress relief, happiness, sadness.

What does the experience of bathing bring? 

  • Washing off the dirt after such a long day. 

What are the cultural, social and religious meanings of bathing?

  • For the Turks, bathing is a semi-religious ritual in which purifying the body goes hand-in-hand with purifying the soul.
  • The Japanese used bathing as a leisurely, meditative, and sensual daily ritual, generally taking place in the evening before dinner.
  • Bathing is a process of cleaning your body through dipping in water. Taking a bath is mostly popular in the western part of the world but did you know that every country has their way of doing so. They even have their beliefs such as taking bath would bring them spiritually closer to their gods.

 Is there a spiritual, psychological feeling? Physical? Is it a pleasant experience? A happy one? Or…? Is it a ritual? Habit? Necessity?

  • From prior knowledge, in some religious practices around the world, a bath can be also called a Spiritual bat. They  have been used in many cultures to cleanse the soul, clear the mind, and ultimately heal the chakras with an intention to heal the spirit. In addition, studies show that the benefits of bathing are more than just skin deep. … They found that bathing resulted in less stress, tension-anxiety, anger-hostility, and depression

       The three songs I selected are songs that reflect nostalgiaa and magic about a certain time period of your youth. These three songs are specifically related to the Harry Potter series.In a couple of weeks the harry potter series will turn 20 years since its first debut in theaters. Philosopher’s Stone and Goblet of Fire, for me. The former captured perfectly the feeling of magic and wonderment of stepping into the wizarding world for the very first time; Harry’s Wondrous World, Hedwig’s Theme and Leaving Hogwarts just might be the most “Potter”-iest pieces of music produced. I know the tone of the series changed a lot as it went on, but that child-like wonder will always stand out to me as something special which the series got bang-on first time round.

My target audience is Potterheads. Potterheads is the nickname given to fans of the Harry Potter series. The age range is complex because the Harry Potter books and the movie are timeless when it comes to age. But since it’s soap, I would say that The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is slightly more defined. The primary target is intended for young adults. Ages 16-30, this person is a Harry Potter collectible, which means that Over the years they have collected rare items detailed to the Harry Potter series. They know all the soundtracks of the movie from 1-7. They have the entire soundtrack on their Spotify app, they watch all the movies twice a year. This person is young, carefree, they are creative, fun, and joyful. They Wear Harry Potter Apparel As Everyday Attire. 

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Why do people sing in the shower?

There is solid scientific research that supports the benefits of singing in the shower. Researchers have discovered that singing leads to a stronger immune system (especially done in a group, such as a choir). Singers are less likely to catch any “bugs” that might be going around.

They also found out that people who sing in the shower have lower cortisol levels. Since cortisol is linked to stress levels, this ends up being connected to the heart.

Shower singing fights against sadness, chronic pain, and is even connected to longer life expectancy.

What does the experience of bathing bring?

The experience of bathing has been known to serve as a potent sleeping aid. Hot water combined with aromatics soothes us mentally AND physically.

What are the cultural, social and religious meanings of bathing?

In the days of the Roman Empire, the public baths were very important to the everyday social and cultural life of Roman citizens. There was no class system involved in the idea of baths – it was not unusual to see working class citizen bathing along with the wealthy. Public baths fell into disfavor with the Christianization of the Roman Empire and its ideas about morals.

Baths have been used in many different societies in ways that were as much therapeutic as for hygiene purposes. Soapmaking – as an industry – began in the late 18th century on a small scale. Pears and Lever are some of the oldest brands of mass produced soap in the world.

Due to personal bathing rooms now a standard in homes, bathing has gone from public ritual/ necessity to both ritual AND necessity, creating personal habit.

Chosen Consumer:

Young, 20- 40 something, Black professional, would listen to

  • Deep House/Soulful House
  • DownTempo/Chill
  • New Soul, Underground Soul

This person is active with friends, goes out for drinks occasionally. Likes exclusive events and music no one knows about. My consumer likes alt culture, is a bit of a fashionista (loves labels, but also loves boutique items that only THEY can find). The fragrances they like are strong, soapy, and ancient. Think: sandalwoods, patchoulis, frankincense

3 songs:

  1. Zo!, f. Nicholas Ryan Gant – A Choice Of Weapons
  2. Omar, Jaguar Skills – Loving Someone (Pt. 1)
  3. Isaac Birituro & The Rail Abandon – Bo Ma

Joseph Asimeng-project 3 step 2

People sing in the shower because, from it said that: “For many people, shower time is the only time they’re alone all day. You’re in a warm, small, safe environment. You’re comfortable enough to be in the buff! Stress literally washes off you. When you relax, your brain releases dopamine, which can give your creative juices a jumpstart.

Warm water is rushing over you, and now you’re relaxed and feeling good. It turns out that singing makes you feel even better. Singing, because of the breathing you put into it, gets more oxygen into the blood. This gives you better circulation, which in turn improves your body and mood. And because you have to breathe a little deeper to belt out a song, you get some of the same relaxation and mind-clearing benefits as meditation. Another neat thing is that when you’re singing, you really can’t think about your problems — more stress relief.”

From, The emotions connected to singing to the shower could be from how: “Singing releases endorphins and oxytocin in the brain, hormones that bring pleasure and relaxation. Endorphins in particular reduce our perception of pain, lead to feelings of euphoria, and enhance the immune response. This contributes to less stress, and a more relaxing shower.” So basically, it’s all about the endorphins.

The experiences that bathing brings can be from the fact that it can cleanse your body. From “Warm baths improve mental and emotional health.” “Warm baths are linked to decreases in stress hormones and more balanced serotonin levels, which help regulate mood.”

-“Warm baths soothe muscles and joints.” “Soaking in a warm bath a few times each week can also help with muscle soreness and tension, making it easier to exercise each day, says Dr. Zack.”

-“Baths can help heal wounds.” “Dr. Zack says that baths can help soothe infected sores and wounds.”

I’d say all of them are supposed to have music, on the soap bars.

The cultural, and the religious meanings of bathing could be from where they mentioned that for some examples: ” In Ancient Greece, bathhouses were a place for men to wash after sport or swap philosophical discussions (some even contained libraries), while in the Middle Ages, men and women in Europe gave up bathing altogether, for fear it would spread disease.” “In Ancient Rome, they were sprawling complexes for socializing, but also sites of expensive architectural splendor “(that) served to establish and affirm an emperor’s power.” The social part can come from how: “Bathing involves the negotiation of intimacy and the management of the body, and as such entails aspects of being and of social exchange that have not traditionally been part of the standard, rather rationalistic and disembodied account of social policy.” From

We can say the spiritual part of bathing, can be from the ancient greek example mentioned before. The psychological part could come from how you can sing to release some kind of chemicals, from your body(endorphins) to make you feel good, and it could help you with your mental health as said earlier. The physical feeling could be that you get cleansed to your body, with the water.

I’d say it should be a pleasant experience to sing in the shower. The reason being is because from common knowledge, singing your favorite song from a song you might’ve heard over and over again, should make you feel at peace and kind of joyful. But to have a pleasant experience, without singing in the shower, could feel kind of boring and just like a regular time in the bathroom.

To do this type of activity or routine, i wouldn’t say it’s a habit. It’s just human nature, for some people that is.

There should be “Fragrances” and better yet kinds of soap that I will redesign, in my own unique way, for dial soap. Which are: blue(blue spring water), green(green mountain water) and Purple(lavender and twilight jasmine).

My detailed description about my chosen consumers: imagine someone (or anyone) at a store, let’s say looking for soap. Dial soap that is. They’re in between the ages of 34- to 39-year-old white Americans. Their eyes would look at (what i call) the special edition shower singing dial soap bar. They would see musical artists like: Josh Turner(in the blue packaging), Billy Joel(in the green packaging) and Ed sheeran (in the lavender and twilight jasmine aka the purple packaging). They(the consumers) would all be having a small smile on their faces, after they see the dial soap bar packaging with all three artists. Only because they would like those types of musical performers. They would be thinking about what the lyrics are to the song names, they saw on the bar soap packaging. So then they can sing in the shower like crazy, in their own ways, making mad noise and all that.

Dial soap background info, from their website’s about us page. For more details, for you to know about and for me to do my best into creating this type of design. Shown below:

“Maintaining a balance between economic success, protection of the environment, and social responsibility has been fundamental to our corporate culture for decades.” “Dial is confident that our products will leave your skin feeling healthy.”-