Drawing Supplies:

• Sketching material of your choice. (Paper, color pencils, watercolors, etc)

• Pencil sharpener (basic metal).

•Eraser (magic rub, mars, gum or similar).

• Bristol board to build prototypes.

• Double Tack, Twin tac or Studio tac (Mounting Film – Double sided adhesive film)

• Double sided tape.

• Scissors (pointed end).

• 1 Self-healing cutting mat (not smaller than 14“x17”).

• Xacto knife and extra blades.

• Metal ruler or triangle with numbers.

Digital Supplies:

• A computer with Adobe programs. Illustrator and Photoshop.

• Digital camera or phone with camera and cable.

• A free Dropbox, Google Drive account or a USB flash drive to store/backup/transport work.