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HW 5- Challenge Yourself: One Object

Due April 3. 5 pts. Pick one object that you can change. I suggest a potato, onion, head of garlic. Watch this video: Photograph your object in 30 ways. Each shot should be different from the others. Close variations … Continue reading

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HW 6 – Dorothea Lange

The assignment is a three paragraph essay as described below. Create a new post with your response by April 17th, 12 noon EST. Read this short biography of Dorothea Lange. View White Angel Breadline, San Fransisco. 1933 Write … Continue reading

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Week 8 – Exposure 2 – Creative Uses of Exposure

Find a tallish object more or less the size of the spray bottle I used in this example. Put it in a window during the day. Take two pictures of that object: one with the exposure set for the background-what … Continue reading

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Week 8 – Exposure – How Your Camera Meter Works

Acronym: TTL – Through the Lens The meter in your camera is a reflected-light meter. A reflected light meter averages the tones in the scene and selects the aperture and shutter speed values that will make the whole scene medium gray. … Continue reading

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Welcome to COMD 1340 D164 Photography 1

I am looking forward to working with all of you this semester as we Β improve our photography skills and create some great images.

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