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HW6 Dorothea Lange Jennifer Humala

The White Angel BreadLine photograph taken by Dorothea Lange in San Francisco makes me feel sadness and a bit of chaos. The black and white add to the loneliness I am getting from this man. By turning away from the … Continue reading

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Week 8 Creative Exposure

+5 and -5 +3 and -5 +2 and -5 +3 and -5 +3 and -5

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Week 8 Exposure

With the automatic settings, the camera is trying to compensate and find a middle ground between the levels. It usually fluctuates to a medium grey.

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Learning Log Week 7

It was our first online class together. It went well except for some technical issues which is normal to occur. On my part, my laptop decided to go on it’s own sick leave so I am having difficulties using it. … Continue reading

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Botanical Garden Day 1

At the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, the greenhouses help accommodate the best moistures and temperatures for the growing of these desert plants. They absorb the sun light for food and they’re able to retain the water for long periods of time.

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