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Reflection #4: Applying RECAP to Loingsigh Reading.

When applying the RECAP criteria to Loingsigh’s article “The power of family lore: uncovering Brooklyn’s ‘Auld Irishtown'”, I do think the article can be used as is a credible source.  I also think that it acts as a stepping stone to access additional credible sources. The article is current and is certainly relevant to this class because of our focus on Vinegar Hill. The author does cite his research throughout. He bases his knowledge off of what he has read by other authors who have researched and written about “Irishtown”, Brooklyn. He seems well informed and well researched, and I would use the article as a source during research. I would also use the authors and other sources he cited as sources for my research. I think that the author’s trilogy would be a better source than the article. This article comes across as being a way to advertise the author’s books. It informs the readers of the trilogy, speaks of the author’s inspiration, and gives a brief synopsis of the history. Even though I think the main reason of the article was to promote the author’s trilogy, it was definitely also meant to be an informative piece to educate people about “Irishtown”.

Reflection #3: WikiGalaxy: A Visualization of Wikipedia Rabbit Holes

I really enjoyed reading about the author’s experience with using Wikipedia for one specific purpose and then hours later finding herself on a completely unrelated topic like the dog Air Bud. It’s a situation that I find myself in from time to time. I personally enjoy when I find myself wandering into this infamous Wikipedia Rabbit Hole. This is the moment when I actually learn the most. I become open to topics that I may know very little about or even ones that I’ve never heard of.

I have never heard of WikiGalaxy prior to reading this article. The way the author illustrates how it works makes it seem even more ideal for wandering down the rabbit hole. I think my favorite part of what I learned about WikiGalaxy is that the user is able to see how each piece of information is connected to the last. Little yellow lines are provided to connect each link with lines that vary in length depending on relevance. I think the amount of content all at once may seem overwhelming, but it can only lead to growing one’s knowledge.

Pre-Site Visit Reflection 1

I have never knowingly been to Vinegar Hill, although in the past year I have been downtown Brooklyn many times, and over the course of my short lived life span. I am a little anxious to go, and after reading the some of its history I am very interested. I am however trying to not set my expectations so high for what the sight may look like, so I am trying to keep my mind as open as possible until we actually visit the site. I do however hope that the places looks very cool and has some type of visual history but I will definitely be waiting until I see the site in person before coming to a conclusion about my thoughts.

Wiki galaxy & 3 types of Sources, Reflection # 3

As looking at the wikigalaxy its looks really cool but it would be nice for users to be able to create custom galaxies, galaxies with set limits, meaning that show only those pages that fit a specific category. Its almost the same idea like google earth, but just like article mentioned it has only 100,000 articles so far i think in future wikigalaxy will be a useful tool to have it.

Article on types of sources is really clear and easy to follow, now at least i can tell the difference between primary, secondary and tertiary sources. I feel like secondary and tertiary sources are related to one another.


Brooklyn is an interesting place, with a rich history a stunning locale. I learned that Brooklyn has gone through some dramatic changes throughout the years.  I am interested to learn about different indicators of change in Brooklyn, and too see if there are relationships between them. I am new to the Brooklyn area, so most of the information I learn is very new.   I didn’t even know that a place like “Vinegar Hill” even existed.

Homework #1 Reflection of Brooklyn

Before reading these articles I have never heard of Dumbo, Brooklyn or Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn. I work in Brooklyn and also attend college in Brooklyn but it never really bother or impressed me at all. It just so happen that is where my college is and that is where my job is. After reading about the history and development of the Brooklyn community, I am certainly honored and impressed to be there every day, to be a part of such a developed neighborhood. Now I am curious to learn more about my surroundings there and I would certainly pay close attention to the layout, the history and the structure of the buildings and landmarks around my school and my job. To be honest, I always thought of Brooklyn as one of the most undeveloped boroughs but at least now I have a better understanding and appreciation for that area. Some of the greatest things that happen in this country started in Brooklyn and I’m sure many people like myself are not aware of that.

Homework #1: Reflection on the following Wikipedia articles: Vinegar Hill; Brooklyn; Downtown Brooklyn; and Dumbo.

As I was reading through the four Wikipedia articles, the article on Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn stood out to me the most. The first thing that I noticed was the writing. While the writing throughout the article is grammatically sound, I found that the other three articles, especially the one on Brooklyn, were at a higher standard. Before this assignment I had never heard of Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn. All the information that I read was completely new to me. That said, I was disappointed that the information only went to the 18th century. I am interested in seeing how the neighborhood is now. What is the current demographic? Has this area of Brooklyn been heavily affected by gentrification? Are there any cultural sites or landmarks? Are there parks? Is it a predominantly residential neighborhood? These are all questions that I would have liked to have been answered as I was reading the article.