Reflection #4: Applying RECAP to Loingsigh Reading.

When applying the RECAP criteria to Loingsigh’s article “The power of family lore: uncovering Brooklyn’s ‘Auld Irishtown'”, I do think the article can be used as is a credible source.  I also think that it acts as a stepping stone to access additional credible sources. The article is current and is certainly relevant to this class because of our focus on Vinegar Hill. The author does cite his research throughout. He bases his knowledge off of what he has read by other authors who have researched and written about “Irishtown”, Brooklyn. He seems well informed and well researched, and I would use the article as a source during research. I would also use the authors and other sources he cited as sources for my research. I think that the author’s trilogy would be a better source than the article. This article comes across as being a way to advertise the author’s books. It informs the readers of the trilogy, speaks of the author’s inspiration, and gives a brief synopsis of the history. Even though I think the main reason of the article was to promote the author’s trilogy, it was definitely also meant to be an informative piece to educate people about “Irishtown”.

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  1. Nora Almeida

    Great job identifying the dual purpose of this piece, which at once Loingsigh uses to promote his trilogy and to inform readers about the existence of Auld Irishtown. The mix of primary and secondary sources and the elements of personal reflection make this source rather unique and distinct from the traditional academic secondary sources or reportage we are accustomed to.


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