Final Project Deliverables

Throughout the semester the focus of my research has been on how the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge affected the vitality of Vinegar Hill. After my research at the libraries, archives, and online, I have obtained a lot of information regarding the Brooklyn Bridge. However, I have not found a lot of information on how the Manhattan Bridge changed Vinegar Hill. Because of this, I think that the focus of my final will be predominantly on the Brooklyn Bridge. My scope is wide in the sense that I am focusing on multiple factors that involves the Brooklyn Bridge. Some factors include but are not limited to the following: population change, public perception, why the Brooklyn Bridge was built, its effects on transportation, and how the bridge changed the ferry industry, if at all. In addition, I am toying with the idea of delving into the actual construction of the Brooklyn Bridge.

I think that the best way to produce my research in a final project is in written form. I would like to post my final project on OpenLab as a page dedicated to the Brooklyn Bridge. As of now I am researching and writing independently. Even though my work is independent, I want to contribute to the project page that is being set up by a fellow classmate for the entire class to post on.


4 thoughts on “Final Project Deliverables

  1. Nora Almeida

    Good concrete plan here and narrower scope to focus on Brooklyn Bridge makes sense given the research you’ve conducted. You may want to consult with other classmates who are also interested in doing Brooklyn Bridge related projects and consider how visuals might be best incorporated into an open lab based project.


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