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Reflections #8: Mid Semester Course Progress Reflection

I’m enamored by the growth I can see between myself, and other colleagues when it comes to progress between the mid semester and now. By the mid semester, I was pleased with both the amount of field trips we have taken and the new methodologies for research. Prior to this I was unaware of some of these institutions, such as the NYCHA library in LaGuardia Community College. Within these field trips, we were also asked to find quality sources, relative to our research. I can also say that I was unaware of some of the technologies introduced such as cartodb.com, which I have used heavily for the final project.

Mid Semester Course Progress Reflection

This course has given me an invaluable assortment of research techniques, and it has reinforced some or my older research skills and also presented me with new ones; for instance, I am now able to look at a topic in a new perspective with a more “open” mind. I’ve learned new technological aspects involved with research, such as not only using online resources, but also using archives for primary access to artifacts. I have made a significant contribution to the world of research with Wikipedia, and it is credible and relevant. Now, I have an enjoyable experience from conducting research, and I can see, first hand, the results of my contributions to research. I feel confident in my approach towards researching. I have grown considerable from this course, and my knowledge gained from this course will benefit me for the rest of my life. In fact, I now use these research principles with my other courses and for my personal uses and purposes.