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Final Course Reflection

  1. How do you view search differently?

Well i will say this was totally new research experience for me, as an engineering major i never really did research like this, which mostly base on history, libraries and archives.  All tools we used in this class as a search engine were really interesting for example Brooklyn Eagle newspaper which i can access from any public library, secondly GIS was really impressive as well.

2. How does a geographic viewpoint impact you after this course?

Just like i said before i never had this kind of class before, i think its because i always take my engineering courses but this time i wanted to try a different course but also have some relation with my major as well. After visiting the sites in vinegar hill and learning about all the history of  that area i felt i was missing lot of stuff in my life. It was really interesting to see how old architecture developed with time.

3. Will you use primary source in future? Why?

In my case yes of course i will because i am doing civil engineering so and as a member of American Society of Civil Engineer i know we have to deal with lot of publications in data center, so i will see primary sources more often.

4. How could teachers make research a more engaging process? What could be taught earlier?

I think its better to introduce all the tools for research at the beginning  of semester in that way everyone will have little extra experience at the end of the semester, which will help all students to produce a well developed project.

Wikipedia And The Death Of The Expert, Reflection # 9

In the article Death of an Expert Witness by Maria Bustillos, author talked about Wikipedia and how its works.  Wikipedia is based around a strong hierarchy between experts and everyone else, experts do primary research. They look at the actual stuff. Wiki-editors do secondary research. They read the sources that the experts write and debate the meaning of those sources. As myself doing my final project on editing the Wikipedia pages, so this article was really helpful and pretty impressive. I learned that every statement in a Wikipedia article has to be backed up with a citation to an article or book produced by a journalist, an academic, a scientist, or some other expert who has carried out primary research.

Why Is Academic Writing So Academic? Reflection # 8

In article Why Is Academic Writing So Academic? by Joshua Rothman told us about the how now a days people write stuff in all academic institutes. After reading the article i will say there is one basic reason for the often awkward and dull writing is that many of the writers and audience are not native English users. As an engineering student sometimes i feel Scientific  papers are hard enough to read because of the content, allowing everyone their own style would make it even harder. I will say some people are much better writers than others, and many editors could probably do a better job asking for using cleaner language, but i think most of us read for information not really looking for style.

Historic Maps as Historian Evidence, Reflection # 7

In this article Historic maps as historian evidence by institution of library and museums, really explained why People create maps and what are the so many reasons behind all that. After reading this article i can say maps are to help and visualize places, and to pass on information about places to other people. Maps also use to calculate the time it takes to move from place to place. After reading this article i realized that almost my all of the research is based on maps. Historic maps also help us to understand how our vision of the world has changed, either because we have more complete knowledge about the landscape, or because we think about space and time in ways that would have been foreign to past generations. My final project is  on sand’s family farms land, how there farm land converted into blocks and residential area. This reading was really helpful in lot of different ways.

Final Project Plan, Reflection # 6

My final project will be editing the Wikipedia pages, the pages i will be focusing on are Brooklyn, Downtown Brooklyn, Vinegar hill, Rope walk and Sands Brothers (Joshua sand and comfort sand). The intention is to fill in the gaps between 1770’s to 1820’s. After research i found lot of information about these topics and it sounds like my project will be more like telling the story of Brooklyn. Story will begin with sand’s brothers by telling how they came to Brooklyn, how much land they had and how there farm land converted into blocks and the relationship of Olympia (rope making industry) with sand’s brothers.