Final Report

Final Report Guidelines

In small groups, you will conceive of and develop a research project related to a historical time period and topic. Each group will collectively determine the form that their project will take and will develop a list of deliverables that they will produce.

In this project, each group will:

  • consider the purpose and audience of their project
  • develop project deliverables that reflect the audience and purpose of their project
  • incorporate research from primary and secondary sources and appropriately cite sources
  • demonstrate an understanding information design principles and compositional modes
  • articulate research findings through writing and visual documentation
  • publish deliverables on an OpenLab project site and/or on Wikipedia

Key Dates

April 13

  • progress presentation
  • finalize list of deliverables

May 2

  • progress presentation

May 23

  • project drafts completed
  • presentations

May 25

  • projects live on OpenLab and/or Wikipedia
  • presentations

Grading Rubric

Final Project

Clarity of project focus 20%

Extent of research conducted 20%

Critical engagement with sources 20%

Documentation strategy and citations 20%

Final project deliverables 20%


Clarity of project focus 25%

Discussion of research process and 1 critical source you used in your project 25%

Discussion of project plan and deliverables 25%

Presentation of ideas and project visuals 25%