Annotated Bibliography


Annotated Bibliography Template

Due Date: 3/28/16

An Annotated Bibliography is a form of documentation that researchers use to organize and evaluate sources for a project.

Step 1: Select a minimum of 5 sources relevant to your topic and time period.

  • 1 visual source (map/ photo / etc)
  • 2 primary sources
  • 2 secondary sources

Step 2: Create a citation for each source, formatted using Wikipedia’s full citation style.


Step 3: Underneath each citation, write a critical annotation of at least 100 words for each source.

In your annotation, address the following questions:

  • What does the source indicate about our site and your time period?
  • What aspects of place and time period (topics) does your source address?
  • Who is the intended audience of this source? What research need does it address?
  • Who created this source?

Step 4: Include a link to a wikipedia page (or pages) underneath each annotation where this citation and source could be included.   

Step 5: Submit your finished Annotated Bibliography in print on 3/28/16. Format  your document following this template. Open the templates in Google Docs and make a copy of the template before editing the document. Be sure to list your sources in alphabetical order.


  • Citation and annotated bibliography 25%
  • Quality and extent of research 25%
  • Depth of analysis 25%
  • Research context / wikipedia links 25%