Richards Ryan Site Report

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The block I chose was 42nd St. and seventh Avenue. I chose this block because I noticed there was a chain of diverse stores that were connected, Dave and busters, Applebee’s, and Modells, all were the main/biggest stores on the block. I also noticed the width of the sidewalk, the width of the sidewalk played a major role of setting I stage for the performance in which I felt one of the themes was convenience.
The performance in this area of times square had a number of factors.

The height of the buildings, create a feeling of being surrounded and towered over. The performance it’s self I feel with the people walking up and down the blocks, and in and out of the stores. It was continuous motion on the stage of the wide block and tall buildings. Elsewhere this could potentially be considered typical actions of civilians, however on this specific block on 42nd and sixth Avenue it’s considered a performance because of the atmosphere and stage.

The exact block is 800 feet long, and 200 feet wide. One of the reasons the block was built so large is so that it could be very commercial and busy, there are multiple businesses on the block such as a Hilton hotel, and Applebee’s, at Dave and busters, And A Modell’s sporting goods store all of the stores are there architecturally built connected for reason which I will further research.

The pavement was concrete, but smooth as opposed to the rugged concrete filled with rocks Etc. There were buildings on this block dating back to the 1950s.

Richards Ryan Class assignment 2

In my direction map I numbered my steps. My morning consisted of me walking to the train at a slow pace because i was early today, my neighborhood had a vibrant theme filled with kids walking to the public school, dogs being walked on my block, and medium traffic. I was tired earlier this morning but the commute to school was smooth. The train came as soon as  I got to the station, it wasn’t crowded, I took a seat and humbly waited until my stop where i swiftly got off. I then walked adamantly to school just 1 block, then I took the stairs to the 6th floor and came to class.  ryan-richards

Hypothesizing Vinegar Hill 1800-1840

When Vinegar hill moved into the nineteenth century, people like Joshua Sands , a speculator and merchant, bought up land and started creating businesses. He imported machines from England and he also brought workers from there. Joshua Sands opened the rope walk industry on the waterfront. In 1801 the U.S. Navy Yard opened their first yard by Wallabout Bay, which became very active in the war of 1812. The first steam ferry came in on 1814 and was traveling from Vinegar Hill to Manhattan and that lasted for a long time, even though they had contradictions here and there. The Village of Brooklyn turned into the Town of Brooklyn in 1816 and it had grown in terms of housing and people. In 1827 different versions of the Hooker’s map came out. Brooklyn had a considerable growth of population during 1830-1840 when the lower Manhattan by the ferry stop became mostly commercial, so people were considering the other stop of the ferry in Vinegar Hill as a short commute. In 1834 Brooklyn changed its status again from Town of Brooklyn to the City of Brooklyn.

Final Project Deliverable

After couple of site and library visits we got in contact with lots of information and archives. My attention was captured by the Hooker’s New Pocket Plan of the Village of Brooklyn from 1827. Since then I decide to base my project in that map and analyse it. The map on the side has written the the most important public places and their approximate location since they didn’t have numbers for the houses to have and exact location. I will deliver a tree dimensional view of the massing on the whole map and the grid of it. Also, since the information on the map is placed separately based on their functionality, I will label and color-code these functionalities so they can be spotted right away from the map. I also will try to give them a shape based on some drawings of places that I found in our library visits. From that era we have only drawings since the camera didn’t exist yet. There are six rope walks in this map as well that aren’t part of the information given on the side of the map. So I will be focusing a part of my research on rope walks, and also a writing general information about them.

Students can’t access essential research

The main reason that student can’t access to essential research is because the price of subscription to academic journals has increased drastically and the schools can not afford this prices. Schools with low income are forced to drop out, which leaves students without access to the main core of disciplinary journals. At this point students and researchers are left to work with what is available and not with what they need. In order for them to conduct research effectively they need access to this large portion of records. They say that libraries must subscribe to this journals no matter what the price is, even if this makes them run out of money.

Wikipedia And The Death Of The Expert

Before this class I was confused about Wikipedia since some of the professors taught us that Wikipedia is editable from everyone so there can be many misleading. As well there is a bigger number of professors that supports the research in Wikipedia though. From my own experience I have had only positive experience and found only valuable information from it. Now that we have been going through Wikipedia a lot with this class and the information that this article gives to us I strongly agree that it is a great source of information. The article mentions that there is a complex and well stuffed system for dealing with disputes and misleading information in Wikipedia. There are also provided special tools to prevent vandalism. So in shorts there are organized sources that work for accuracy and against edit-warring, sock-puppetry and the like on Wikipedia.

Mid-Semester Course Progress Reflection

The lead to the final project is working well since we now know how to do research other then Google them. This steps like the site visits and library reports have been helpful leads on how to do real research. Now my confidence in doing research it’s grown and I see the difference in my other classes when I compare my way of researching with theirs. All of the field trips had their importance and difference from one another. For example the library reports taught us that we can have access to many important archives and that we can study them individually and librarians will be only help to you to find the right source.

Geographic Information System (GIS)

G.I.S is a pretty important factor on urban architectural designing, transport and logistics, environmental protection, real estate and military planing. It gives you the needed information in geographical, population, transportation which helps you achieve the project successfully. The founders of G.I.S can be considered the geographers and transport engineers from Washington University. G.I.S was being used selectively by professionals, but now the modern G.I.S software and their database are accessible by individual users. In the future G.I.S large potential technology created by satellite observations and remote sensing analysis is likely to become more concerned with developing domain in order to turn this amount of information into problem solving situations.

Why is academic writing so academic?

The academic writing is the way it  is because neither journalists or professors got together to make a stand for a new way of writing it. That type of writing has been there and they got comfortable with it. Sometimes outsiders, have tried to make a change by but the change never went through. Nicholas Kristof in our case claimed that professors don’t use enough social media which would make their writings less serious, more funny, and less nerdy. The main reason why the academic writing stays so academic isn’t professors choice, it is the system that produces academic knowledge and that make it more marginal.