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Students can’t access essential research

The main reason that student can’t access to essential research is because the price of subscription to academic journals has increased drastically and the schools can not afford this prices. Schools with low income are forced to drop out, which leaves students without access to the main core of disciplinary journals. At this point students and researchers are left to work with what is available and not with what they need. In order for them to conduct research effectively they need access to this large portion of records. They say that libraries must subscribe to this journals no matter what the price is, even if this makes them run out of money.

Why is academic writing so academic?

The academic writing is the way it  is because neither journalists or professors got together to make a stand for a new way of writing it. That type of writing has been there and they got comfortable with it. Sometimes outsiders, have tried to make a change by but the change never went through. Nicholas Kristof in our case claimed that professors don’t use enough social media which would make their writings less serious, more funny, and less nerdy. The main reason why the academic writing stays so academic isn’t professors choice, it is the system that produces academic knowledge and that make it more marginal.

Reflection: “Why is Academic Writing so Academic?”

An interesting point the author, Joshua Rothman, of the “Why is Academic Writing so Academic?” article made is that while journalism is moving in a populist direction, academic writing is doing the opposite. Academics write their articles and papers with the mindset that only very small, select groups of people will read them. I have noticed that when I have read academic articles in the past that the targeted audience is specific. The method in which the material is discussed in academic writings is dry and concentrated. Typically, the author writes in such a way that he expects the reader to already have knowledge on the subject. Because of this, these academic writings fit into a small niche.

I think another reason why the audience reading academic writing has shrunk is because of how difficult it has become to access academic journals. Rothman attributes the exclusive nature of academic writing to the way the system that produces these writings is. I agree with him. He did not explicitly address this factor, but after reading “Students Can’t Access Essential Research” for a past reflection, I believe that if more people had access to academic journals, it would expand academic writing. Not only would students, professors, and other members of academia read academic writing if access to it was easier and more affordable, but people who simply have an interest in the topic would read it.